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Pegasus's Deck

Bow-Pulling Mermaid Sonic Bird

Illusionist No-Face Sacrifice 

Parrot Dragon Toon World

Dark Rabbit Toon World 

Holy Doll Thunder Bolt 

Toon Alligator Big Storm 

Dragon Sealing Jar Change of Heart 

Toon Alligator Fissure 

Toon Goblin Ambush Team Toon Cannon Soldier 

Cross Soul Robbery

Toon Gemini Elf Thousand Eyes Pagan God 

Toon Masked Warlock Revive Dead 

Toon Demon Fusion 

Toon Mermaid Fusion Wise Man 

Blue Eyes Toon Dragon Hurricane 

Critter Iron Cage of Nightmare 

Black Forest Witch Ceremony of Illusion 

Saint Magician Swamp of Revengeful Ghosts 

Thousand Hand (Senju) God Toon Lottery 

Killer Tomato Toon Defense 

Time Bomber Pot of Greed 

Fusion Deck

Thousand Eyes Sacrifice 

Dragon Egger Shine Castle 

Toon Dragon Egger Eye of Truth 

Illusion Summoner Dragon Sealing Jar 

Dark Eyes Illusionist Unlucky Forecasting 

Dream Clown Life Absorber 

Pot Demon Force Field 

Fusion Cancellation "Righteousness" 

Worm Hole

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