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All Cards 

Monster Cards

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Lord of D.

Water Omotics

Ancient Elf

Prevent Rat

Rogue Doll

Giant Soldier of Stone

Thunder Dragon

Lady of Faith 


Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress NO.1

Rock Ogre Grotto NO.1

Deepsea Shark

The Wicked Worm Beast


Destroyer Golem


Feral Imp

Petit Moth

Blast Juggler

Judge Man

Trap Master 

Big Eye 

Cyber Saurus

Rude Kaiser

Ryu-Kishin Powered 

Blue -Winged Crown

Mysterious Puppeteer

La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp

Battle Ox

Saggi the dark Clown

Electric Lizard

Jirai Gumo

Ancient Lizard Warrior

Masked Sorcerer

Koumori Dragon

Skull Red Bird

Launcher Spider

Larvae Moth 


Mushroom  Man NO.2


Sorcerer of the Doomed


Mystic Clown

Ground Attacker Bugroth

Dark Magician

Mammoth Graveyard

Mystical Elf

Dian Keto the Cure Master

Man Eater Bug

Witty Phantom

Change of Heart

Baron of the Fiend Sword

Celtic Guardian

Magical Ghost

Neo the Magic Swordsman

Sword of Dark Destruction


Summoned Skull

Dragon Zombie

Beaver Warrior

Mystic Clown

The Stern Mystic

Man Eating Treasure Chest

Silver Fang


Doma the Angel Silence

Wall of Illusion

Ancient Elf

Gaia the Fierce Knight

Remove TrapGreat White

Curse of the Dragon

Claw Reacher 

Gate Guardian UR

Armored Lizard C

Killer Needle C

Harpie Lady C

MRD-009 Harpie Lady Sisters UR

Cocoon of Evolution C

Crawling Dragon C

Armored Zombie C

Mask of Darkness R

White Magical Hat R

Black Skull Dragon UR

Roaring Ocean Snake C

Elegant Egotist R

Sanga of the Thunder UR

Kazejin UR

Suijin UR

Mystic Lamp C

Steel Scorpion C

Ocubeam C

Leghul C

Ooguchi C


Jinzo NO.7

Magician of Faith R

Bottom Dweller C

Kaminari Attack C

Rainbow Flower C

Morinphen C

Mega Thunderball C

Tongyo C

Empress Judge C

Pale Beast C

Hunter Spider C

Ancient Lizard Warrior C

Queen's Double C

Trent C

Disk Magician C

Hyosube C

Hibikime C

Fake Trap R

Tribute to The Doomed UR

Soul Release C

The Cheerful Coffin C

Change of Heart UR

Baby Dragon C

Blackland Fire Dragon C

Swamp Battleguard C

Battle Steer C

Time Wizard UR

Dragon Piper C

Illusionist Faceless Mage C

Sangan R

Great Moth R

Kuriboh UR

Castle of Dark Illusions C

King of Yamimakai C

Catapult Turtle UR

Mystic Horseman C
MRD-077 Rabid Horseman C
MRD-078 Crass Clown C
MRD-079 Pumpking the King of Ghosts C
MRD-080 Dream Clown C
MRD-081 Tainted Wisdom C
MRD-082 Ancient Brain C
MRD-083 Guardian of the Labyrinth C

MRD-085 The Little Swordsman of Aile C
MRD-086 Princess of Tsurugi R
MRD-087 Protector of the Throne C
MRD-088 Tremendous Fire C
MRD-089 Jirai Gumo C
MRD-090 Shadow Ghoul R
MRD-091 Labyrinth Tank C

MRD-094 Giltia the D. Knight C
MRD-095 Launcher Spider C
MRD-096 Giga-Tech Wolf C

MRD-098 7 Colored Fish C
MRD-099 The Immortal of Thunder C
Punished Eagle C
Insect Soldiers of the Sky C
Hoshiningen R
Musician King C
Yado Karu C

Cannon Soldier R
Muka Muka R
The Bistro Butcher C
Star Boy R
Milus Radiant R
Fla Cerebrus C
Niwatori C
Dark Elf R
Lava Battleguard C
Witch of the Black Forest R
Little Chimera R
Bladefly R
Lady of Faith C
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon UR
Witch's Apprentice R
Blue-Winged Crown C
Skull Knight C
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts C
Garnecia Elefantis UR
Barrel Dragon UR
Solemn Judgment UR
Magic Jammer UR
Seven Tools of the Bandit UR
Horn of Heaven UR

Sword of Deep-Seated C
Block Attack C
The Unhappy Maiden C
Robbin' Goblin R

Paralyzing Potion C
Mirror Force UR
Ring of Magnetism C
Share the Pain C
Stim-Pack C
Heavy Storm UR

Magic Cards


Soul Exchange

Card Destruction

Book of secret Arts



Dark Hole

Last Will

Two Pronged Attack


Sword of Deep-Seated

The Flute of Summoning Dragon


Monster Born

Shield &Sword

Germ Infection

Dark Energy

Remove Trap

Ancient Telescope


The Inexperinced spy 

Trap Cards

Reverse Trap

Trap Hole

Dragon Capture Jar

Castle Walls

Ultimate Offering


Just Desserts

Two Pronged Attack

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