Xena Music Videos

The file on this page is zipped and therefore WINZIP is required to unzip the page. This music video below was created by the talented TRUE XENA. Enjoy the video and feed the artist! Email her with kudos on her videos at truexena@truexena.com She would love to her your comments!

Xena: Warrior Princess Music Videos

The Woman in Me-Ann Wilson of Heart/Lovemongers(Xena&Gabby)(6.3mb)
Hero-Enqique Iglesias(Xena&Gabby)(19.0mb)UPDATED&RE-CODED!
Ides of March-Theodora Roglev & Fredi Kohl(Xena&Gabby)(17.5mb)
The Colour of my Love-Celine Dion(Xena&Gabby/Creation Music Video Contest Entry/REVAMPED!)(15.0mb)

Bad Girls Music Videos

Again Video(Helen's POV)(16.9mb)
Again Video(Nikki's's POV)(16.8mb)
I Kissed A Girl video(13.1mb)

Buffy: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Music Videos

Wherever You Will Go-The Calling(14.3mb)NEW!
Let Me Touch You For A While-Alison Krauss & Union Station(14.2mb)NEW!
Veronica-Elvis Costello(Buffy)(14.6mb)
Against All Odds-Phil Collins(Willow&Tara)(14.6mb)
It Doesn't Matter-Alison Krauss(Willow&Tara)(16.1mb)
It's Been A While-Staind(Willow&Tara)(19.1mb)
I'll Always Be Right There-Michelle Branch(Willow&Tara)(14.0mb)
That Kind of Love-Alison Krauss(Willow&Tara)(16.2mb)
Deliver Me-Sara Brightman(Willow&Tara)(18.6mb)

Buffy Season Arc

True Love-Season Four-Full Moon Magic by Medwyn Goodall(Willow&Tara)(31.5mb)
Brave Love-Season Five-Odyssey by Medwyn Goodall(Willow&Tara)(26.3mb)
Eternal Love-Season Six-Gold Dust by Medwyn Goodall(Willow&Tara)(Happy Ending Version A)(34.9mb)
Eternal Love-Season Six-Gold Dust by Medwyn Goodall(Willow&Tara)(Not So Happy Ending Version B)(35.5mb)


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