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~*Xena2010*~'s Xena Multimedia Page*~

Xena Warrior Princess Original Promo
Xena Bloopers
Friend In Need B Roll
Lucy Lawless on Holmes on Tv One regarding Boogeyman NEW!!!
Lucy Lawless/Rob Tapert interview on NZ Tv 3 News regarding Boogeyman NEW!!!
Lucy Lawless on Edwards At Large NEW!!!
XWP Season Six Bloopers
XWP Season One Bloopers
XWP Kit #6 Bloopers
Holmes TVNZ regarding Starship Name Change
Last Dance in Pasedena May 2001
Behind the Scenes Part 2-Friend In Need
Lucy at the NZ Pre-Oscar Bash Singing
Before the Curtain Rises featuring Renee O'Connor at Shakespeare by the Sea
Coffee Talk 2 with Lucy & Renee & Julius
Lucy Lawless on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Ted Raimi talks about Joxer Part 2-Toronto Sci Fi Convention 2002
Lucy Mentioned on ET-Babies of 2002
Lucy & Dave Sing in Taupo at the Great Lakes Centre
Lucy Lawless on Entertainment Weekend-Best Kept Secrets of the Stars
Lucy Lawless Cameo In Spiderman
Lucy Lawless Guest starring on the Bernie Mac Show(Full episode clips)
GLADIATRIX-Discovery Channel (U.S.) Documentary narrated by Lucy Lawless
Xena & Hercules-The Battle for Mount Olympus
Bernie Mac Commercial with Lucy in it guest starring
Marton Csokas(Borias on Xena) in "xXx" as Yorgi the Evil Anarchist
Lucy Lawless shown on Entertainment Tonight to guest star on The Bernie Mac Show with Matt Damon
Lord of the Rings-Marton Csokas(Borias on Xena) playing Celeborn the Elf Queen's Companion
Space Channel-Lucy Lawless participates in World Breast Feeding Week
Dick Clark Bloopers featuring Xena Warrior Princess
XWP Music Mixes by Xena2010
Space Xena Warrior Commercial(Canada) 2001
Deborah(Xena) & Wendy(Gabrielle) ride authentic Xena set chariots in New Zealand
Lifetime Network-Lucy Lawless & Rob Tapert's Wedding feature including Daisy
Entertainment Tonight-Lucy Lawless talks about being 5 months pregnant at Lord of the Rings Premiere with Daisy
ET features Lucy's comments on the new baby boy from hospital room 5-8-02
ET's announcement of Lucy & Rob's birth of their new baby boy Judah 5-7-02
XWP FIN DC CUT DVD Behind The Scenes Clips and screengrabs
Ted Raimi at the Toronto Sci Fi Con
Xena: Warrior Princess Space Channel Commercial(Canada)2002
Kevin Smith tribute Feature on Entertainment Tonight
Holmes Tv One New Zealand(Vagina Monologues(February 12, 2002)
Radio New Zealand-Lucy Lawless interview-2-11-02
ET Full Interview(miscarriage&prenancy scare)2-4-02
ET Prevue(miscarriage&pregnancy scare)2-1-02
E! Celebrity Profile(2001)
E! at Premiere of Spy Games
Guest Starring dressed as Xena on The Simpsons 10-31-99
Lucy Look-a-like(IMO) Wonder Woman Flash Movie
Lucy on Entertainment Tonight Pregnant Stars 1-7-02
Lucy Lawless Lord of the Rings Premiere interview(Various Stars)12-20-01
Lucy narrates New Zealand, Home of Middle Earth(Lord of the Rings)
Lucy Lawless NPR End of Xena Interview
Lucy Lawless NPR Interview Outtakes
Lucy Lawless/Renee O'Connor on Entertainement Tonight/End of Xena last day and cast/crew party
With Jeri Ryan on Entertainment Tonight for Tv Guide Photo Shoot
Lucy Lawless interview by WPIX 11 during Grease Stint
Lucy Lawless Interview with Greg Agnew on E!
Lucy Lawless WPIX 11 interview with Catherine Kinny 1997
Lucy in National Domestic Violence Commercial 1997
After show Grease Clips and last day of Lucy in Grease
~*Lucy Lawless/Rob Tapert Wedding Clip from Celebrity Weddings on Star TV(Canada)*~
~*Lucy Lawless on Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of "Spy Games"*~
~*Lucy Lawless in Nothing Important Happened Today I&II EP Clips
~*Lucy Lawless on Craig Kilborn*~
Shannon McMahon(Lucy Lawless) X-files NIHT MP3 Clips
~*X-files S9 Trailer V.7&8 including Lucy Lawless
~*Extra S9 X-files Location scouting scenes including Lucy Lawless*~
~*Lucy as Shannon Clip/X-files Cast Interview/Lucy B-Roll(Behind the scenes) Clips and Screengrabs*~
~*X-files S9 Trailers V2-6 including Lucy Lawless*~
~*Lucy Lawless Entertainment Tonight Interview 10-19-01
~*Lucy Lawless in X-files Season 9 Trailer*~
~*Lucy Lawless E!Online Interview*~
~*Lucy Lawless interviewed on New Zealand's Holmes TV
~*Lucy Lawless interview on Entertainment Tonight 12-19-00
~*Lucy Lawless BBC Radio Interview*~
~*XWP Season EP Clips*~
~*XWP Oxygen Network Marathon and Promo Avis*~
~*Lucy Lawless Mpeg Video of Charity Commercials*~
~*Xena Commercial Avis*~
~*Lucy Lawless MP3's*~
~*Xena Soundtrack MP3's*~
~*XWP Music Videos*~


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