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September 22, 2004

Ok I know this will be quite a shock as I have not updated my website now for close to a year. I truly needed a break from it. It was becoming like a monkey on my back and i felt burnt out. Not on Xena, but the work involved in maintaning this site. As well I had a few family and personal issues to work out. But I feel somewhat regenerated and will now slowly bring this site back to what it once was.

My first step today is a new Xenaland Chat I have paid to have created. It is html so even webtv users should be able to use it. The new Xenaland chat is located at . There is also a button link on the mainpage called Xenaland Chat. So feel free to come talk about Xena and the show and anything else in a safe moderated environment. ;) And watch for more updates ASAP. HAPPY FALL SOLSTICE EVERYONE!!!

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