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My name is Angelika and now I am four I told mom I am taking control of my webpage. I made her make this new background for me. I put that Xena death pinch on her and she made it. I like the Akimee episode of Xena. I like Borius, Gabrielle and Xena. My favorite person in the Akimee episode is the monster Yadoshi. He goes "Arrrrrrr." I like other things too.

My favorite cartoon is Calliou. It is made in Canada in Quebec mom said. I like Snow White. The one made by Sony where all the little guys are called Joe. The Witch is badddd. I also like the Lion King. I only have part two but mom said soon she will get me part one. We named our kittie "Kovu" after Kovu in the Lion King II. I like the big blue house too. Bear is my favorite. Then Jack the dog. I also like Brace Face, Sailor Moon, Card Captures and Sabrina the friendly Witch. My newset favortist cartoon is Little LuLu. Mom said Grammy watched it when she was little and maybe Papa too.

I like Domminna alot too. Mommy keeps telling me her name is Madonna, but I like Domminna better. She has this Domminna movie she said she watched when she was younger. Domminna is Susan and she is being chased by this guy and she likes partying in it. The guy wants the earrings she has. She is very pretty. I like her.

My favorite song is Barbie Girl by a group called Aqua mommy said. I make mommy play it over and over. She made this blank tape that plays it over and over. She said she refuses to hear it more than five times a day. She said she liked this song, but I don't think she does anymore. I wonder why.

I have lots of Barbies. I have the number one "Nsync" barbie, Cherokee barbie, an Akimme barbie. Mommy got me this barbie desk with computer and phone set. Mommy has a Xena barbie. Well two one small one big like my barbies. I can't touch them. She said they are just for looking at and I can't have them cause they are her toys.

She got me this Diva outfit too that I like to wear. It has high heels for my size feet and a nice gold metallic shirt. I pretend I am Domminna and sing with the karokee microphone and stand mom got me. Mommy buys me cool toys. I love her. My mommy is pretty too.

Me as a baby
Angelika's Third Birthday Pics!!!
New!-Me at Four with my Friends!


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