The collective salvation
The collective. What's that?
    There are about 6 billions of cells in the human body. There are about 6 billions of human beings on the earth. Coincidence?
    Not at all! Can you imagine that every human being is the one original cell of the collective body?
    The salvation. What's that?
    Can any of our cells exists out of our body with full identity?
No. Our cells that left our body don't belong to us any more. Logical.
    We naturally want every our cell to be fully functional  for the collective of cells of our body. Can you imagine that  on the level of the mankind, exist the same principals?
Sounds natural, isn't it?!
    Then, can we imagine that the mankind would like us, as its cells, to be fully functional?
    If you can imagine all this stuff, then it is not difficult for you to understand that the salvation is collective thing, not individual stuff.
    Don't waist your time and energy any more to pray for your personal salvation.
    Pray for the salvation of mankind and ask your guardian angel to take your prayer where all people can hear it.
    Don't hesitate to be fully functionall for the humanity.
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