Simple questions and simple answers about human healing
 What's that?
That means that every cell of our body knows exactly what to do in every moment of our life.
 So how to achieve that state of spirit and body?
Good question!
Imagine that you are one cell of your body.
 How would you like that cell to perform during your lifetime?
Of course, excellent performance is preferable.
 Who is giving the info to that cell how it should perform?
Our spirit.
 What's illness?
Some cells lost good communication with our spirit, so they don't receive full information how to perform.
It's the same with people in the higher level of existence.
 Who is the problem in our society?
That one who can't find his place in the society, we call him social problem.
 Why it happens?
As with cells, it happens because problematic person lost communication with her(his) spirit and don't know completely how to perform in her(his) surrounding.
How to communicate with our spirit?
There are many ways but we propose - direct way. Every human has an gurdian angel who is his best friend and teacher. It can teach us everything. Just ask it what you want and it will reply immediately. It's not of masculine or feminin nature, it's just our own angelic nature.
One who believes in her(his) angelic nature must be healthy.
The illness is just consequence of our bad connection with our own angelic nature.
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