OPEN Universe for all Solar Systems

Please listen to our human brothers from other solar systems similar to ours! Also, use your right to contact them easily! Don't be afraid of that. They are just HUMANS. We are happy to announce that the SURVIVAL of human race in our Universe is not ONLY OUR responsability !


Solar System of Algatar

Hi human beings from the solar system of Naor. How are you? In this particular moment for the evolution of the human race in all universe we should meet each other again. About us? Well, a little bit technically more developed than you are (unfortunately a little bit the slaves of technology like your North America for ex.). There are two planets with humans, one is connected with your North America and is more technological, and the other is connected with your South America and is more vivid of course. Algatar coresponds to the Element of Air.


Solar System of Hermis

Hello humans from Naor! Greetings from the solar system of Hermis. We look like you and all other humans in universe. We are a little bit subtler than you are and there is a lot of water on our planet. We are connected with your Australia and Oceania. Hermis coresponds to the Element of Earth. See you soon.


Solar System of Zoltar

Hallo human brothers! Our solar system of Zoltar is similar to yours. Our character is a little bit like your Asians. In fact we are connected with your continent of Asia. We are similar to you, dear people of Naor, only our blood is green. No big deal. Zoltar coresponds to the Element of Fire.


Solar System of Arkan

Hi fellows of Terria! Our solar system Arkan is connected with Africa. So you can imagine us with a little bit with African character. Arkan corespond to the Element of Ether. See you soon.




If you want to contact any of these Solar Systems please write to:


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FREE SPEECH for Extraterrian PEOPLE
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