Whispering Secret Arabians (WSA) is a small family based training and breeding farm located an hour north of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada on 160 acres of trails, bush, and creeks.

We always grew up with horses and could ride before we could walk, thanks to our wonderful lifetime friend who will never be forgotten, Santos.

My mom bought her first Arabian in HFA Hi Que in 1990 as a yearling and she's still with us today.I bought my first Arabian Quik Silver (who has sadly also passed away) in 2002, and ulitmately fell in love with the breed.

Our ultimate goal is to breed and train horses that are sound of mind and conformation, and are worthy of both competing at the National level as well as being a loyal family friend and companion.

They are highly intelligent, full of personailty and charisma, and can love no other, and I think that's what makes these horses so special. They love, forgive, and will always be your best friend; and each and every one of our horses are treated as such.                                                                                                                                 
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