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West Moreton Country Music Assoc Inc

West Moreton in the '70's

History 1966 - 2006

1966   The club formed as the ‘Australian Country and Western Club’. Changed its name to ‘Australian Country Music Club’. Records for that period have been lost.

1969   The club affiliated with the Australian Country Music Association and became the West Moreton Branch of the ACMA.

1970   The club promoted a show at the Ipswich Town Hall featuring Gordon Parsons who had donated his services.

1971   The Club terminated its affiliation with the ACMA.

13/10/1971   West Moreton Country Music Club was formed and the office bearers were Ken Lawrance (President), Sel Munt and Gary Graham (Vice-presidents), Graham Burrows (Secretary) and Evelyn Hart (Treasurer). Meetings and rehearsals were held in the old Ipswich Trades Hall.

1974   A significant year because it was the year Sel Munt took over the Presidency.

1975   "West Moreton Country Volume 1" was recorded in the De-Albo Music Studios and engineered by Vic England. The vinyl record had its release in the Ipswich Civic Hall on the 9th March 1977.

West Moreton Country Vol 1 - 1975West Moreton Country Vol 2 - 1978

1978   "West Moreton Country Volume 2" was recorded in the De-Albo Music Studios and engineered by Vic England. The record had its release in the St Mary’s Hall, Ipswich.

1984   The club started holding a ‘Country Music Sunday’ in May which was a day of music and family fun activities. These were held at the Mt Crosby Showgrounds. There were Guest Artists performing along with club members, Broom and Horse Shoe throwing competitions and Hay rides for the kids.

1985   The Club became an Association.

1988   The Competition format was introduced and the first West Moreton Country Music Festival was held.

1989   The Club became Incorporated.

1990   The May the West Moreton Country Music Festival moved to Rosewood Showgrounds. The reasons were that the Hall could be used as an alternative wet weather venue and permanent power meant that generators or temporary connections weren’t needed.

West Moreton Country - Silver Anniversary Cassette

1991   The Club had its 25 year celebration and commemorated the occasion by recording and releasing the "Silver Anniversary" Cassette. David Lawrance did the recording in his home studio.

2001   Sel Munt resigned as President after 26 years at the helm.

2002   The West Moreton Country Music Festival moved to the Ipswich Showgrounds Arena.


Minoru Kambayashi - Nagahisa Akai - Akemi Mizoguchi - Toshitada TokudaThe 2005 West Moreton Country Music Assoc talent quest attracted entries from the Japan Australia Sports Exchange Association based in Narita, Tokyo, Japan. A number of Japanese country music enthusiasts travelled to Ipswich for the festival and 4 members, Minoru Kambayashi, Nagahisa Akai, Akemi Mizoguchi and Toshitada Tokuda competed. This is believed to be a first for Country Music in Australia. The Internet is bringing us all closer together and it was through the West Moreton Country Music Assoc website that this group initially made contact.

West Moreton Country Music Assoc - 40th Anniversary CD

2006   In November 2006 when the West Moreton Country Music Association will not only celebrate their 40th anniversary but also release a 21 Track CD which has been produced, recorded, performed and written by the club members themselves.
The CD while it was a long time in the making is a brilliant example of the talented people who are members of this club.
"The idea was first mooted about 3 years ago with a view to releasing the album to coincide with our 40 years as a club", said President Earle Townsley.
We are proud of our effort and hope that local country music enthusiasts will purchase a copy as a memento of our 40th Anniversary.

40th Anniversary CD


The Club has held monthly Socials at several venues in Ipswich over the last 40 years. At these, the performing members get to appear along with guest artists. Many up and coming artists have appeared at the socials. (Brendon Walmsley, Michael King, Steven Taylor, Michael O’Rourke, Samson James and that’s just a few.)

Venues included:- Ipswich Workers Club, Ipswich Golf Club, Brigg’s Road Sports Centre, Pulse Centre and now at the Ipswich Show Society's "Showplace Reception Centre".

We have also provided the entertainment at fund raising concerts in the rural areas to the west of Ipswich as well as in the Ipswich metro area.

Members also perform at local Aged Care facilities and Churches.

Over the years, shows featuring big name artists have been presented. Gordon Parsons, Lucky Starr with Mick Hamilton as support guitarist. Maria Dallas, Ricky and Tammy Ozipencho, and The Webb Brothers on several occasions.

President: Earle Townsley Ph: (07) 3201 6404
Vice/Pres: John Klasen/Don Pryde       
Secretary: Laurie Burrows Ph: (07) 3201 0295
Treasurer: Judy Townsley Ph: (07) 3201 6404
Publicity: Trevor Johnson Ph: (07) 3389 3310

Email: wmcma@people.net.au

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