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Weird Sisters
The Weird Sisters, hand in hand
Posters of the sea and land
Thus do go, about  about,
Thrice to thine, and thrice to mine,
And thrice again, to make up nine
The charms wound up!

excerpt "Macbeth" Shakespeare
The Weird Community
We are a small group of friends who happened to be traveling on the same road.
We began sharing ideas, and helping one another walk thru life together. Over time our little group grew from a central "core" of sisters to include our families, and many of our close friends.
One of our Mothers gave us the name "Weird"...
We have been the "The Weird Sisters" ever since.
Our desire is to share ideas with everyone in an open arena. Feel free to leave a message in our guest book. We work on our pages as fast as we can, and since we are all very busy sometimes it takes us a while to update.
Please check back occasionally for new words on Weird Ramblings, places to go on Weird Links, and updated information on Weird Events.

Blessed Be,
The Weird Community
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