My Draconic Friends

Draconomicon by Todd Lockwood

So who exactly are and were my dragon friends? They are quite simply all the dragons that have befriended me over the years some are still with me and others have long since vanished from my life. Well I shall start from the very beginning with the first dragon that befriended me (or at least the first one i can remember).


He was a tiny little thing. He came into my life when I was about 7 or 8 years old and I only knew him as Dragon. He was small enough to fit into the palm of my hand and was a deep ocean blue colour. I first met this tiny little dragon one day in the corner of the school playground where I was crying to myself and trying to avoid the bullies, I didn't want to add more bruises to my shins. I was sat on the floor leaning against the fence looking up at the sky with tears silently straming down my face and I remember the next few events quite clearly. I felt something plop in my lap and heard a tiny voice say 'Why are you so sad?' At which point I wiped away most of my tears and looked down and saw Dragon making himself comfy in the pleats of my school tunic. From then on Dragon was with me most of the time but as I grew older his vists became less frequent until they eventually stopped when I was around about 10. By that time I had moved school and made new friends. I haven't heard his little voice or seen him in my waking hours or dreams since. I wish I could just say thank you to him in person for helping me through a tough part of my early life and for being my friend when no one else would.


I must admit that I don't know 'Silver' that well he, well I'm assuming its a he (it could be a she I can't tell at the moment) often appears in my dreams sometimes to offer advice some times he is just there and is never there for more than a few brief moments. Silver's shoulders come up to about hip height I think and I can never see him that clearly he is a dusty silver colour but seems to be almost incorporeal and meeting him for the first time in my dreams was a little unerving but now after his many visits he his more than welcome to drift into my dreams and offer me what advice he has.

'Little Black Dragon'

I've only recently started seeing this little one. Its black in colour or at least thats what I see. (S)he likes to lurk in my periferal vision and has a great love of playing with my dreadlock hair peice. I don't know much about her/him because when ever I turn to look the little dragon skitters off out of my field of vision. I'm sure we will be properly aquainted with each other when the time is right. I haven't seen the little dragon since I moved out of college and back home. I'm sure there is a perfectly logical reason for it though.

When more dragons come into my life I will let you know about them and when I know 'Silver' a little better I will post more up about him (or her) to.

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