Dragon Power & Magick

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In my mind working with dragons is working with the raw, primal, elemental powers of nature, channelled through myself and those dragons who choose to work with me.

I do not see walking and working with dragons as a path decked out with pomp, circumstance and so much ceremonial it makes you sick (or me in this case). I am of the thinking that why do you need so much ceremonial to call forth the energies of nature to work with….lets use the intense energies of the storm as an example here, why create a sombre ritual full of mutterings and mumblings with notes stuffed up the sleeves of your robes or scribbled across your hands so you don’t forget to say anything while the storm is raging outside when you can join the dance with the dragons of that storm, revel and become one with the storm’s energy and the energy you raise by dancing. (Okay so your neighbours might think you are strange but why should that matter?)

Another example, why call up the energies of water in a similar nature when you can dance with the sea dwelling dragons as the waves crash on the shore, or dance in the rain, or dance through rivers and streams, feeling the force and energy of that water swirl around your form. Aye so not all have the luxury of living by a body of water, I live in a town myself and the nearest I get to the sea or a river (outside of my job) is when it rains heavily and turns my garden into a swamp, or when a drain gets blocked in a storm and causes the water to run down the road like a small stream, heck I still splash in the puddles in the streets left by the rain like a little kid, I may look like a complete fool doing so, but I gave up on worrying what the general public think of me a long time ago. There opinion does not bother me because it does not matter to me, I am who I am and if society does not like that, they can continue not liking it. Now back to the subject in hand before I completely wander off down a side road.

I am not honestly sure what else I should write on this subject area as yet. These are my thoughts and experiences on the subject and a more than likely not shared by others. I will add more to this page as I continue down the path so watch this space… well and the rest of the website too.

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