Bibliography and Useful Links

Artist Unknown


Dancing with Dragons - D.J. Conway

Dictionary of Dreams - Rose Inserra

Sea Land Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire - Parker J. Torrence

The Flight of Dragons - Peter Dickinson

The Magus - Francis Barrett

Dragons - Peter Hogarth

The Dragon: Nature of Spirit, Spirit of Nature - Francis Huxley

Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were - Michael Page and Robert Ingpen

Spell Weaving - Pamela Ball


Dragonia's Site

Fire Dragon's Site

Cardoza'a Dragon Magick and Alchemy

Amethyst's Wicca

The Dragon Circle

Dragons Must Be Here


Useful Links

Lissa Explains it all, this is an absolutely brilliant site for HTML help whether you are pretty good at it or a complete HTML luddite like me.

WiccaNet is a US site and is a veritable online tome of information, it has almost everything and anything you need to know about wicca and witchcraft.

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