When I was three I had my first episode. I had my first IV. When I was seven we found out that I had Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS).

The things that I hate about having CVS are:

Throwing up
Being sick
Being bored in the hospital
How my mom always complains about
the beds in the hospital
Getting poked
Nurses and doctors asking lots of questions

When I have an episode I feel like:

vomiting all the time
my stomach hurts
I want it dark in the room
I want it quiet in the room
I get a bunch of headaches
Sometimes I am tired and sleep a lot

I think CVS is a dumb illness and the puke monster is the grossest thing in the world.

puke monster

This is how the puke monster looks to me. Doesn't he look ugly on my pretty page? If you're a kid with CVS, draw a picture of how the puke monster looks to you and email it to me at hertztrek@geocities.com and I'll put your puke monster on my web page too!

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