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      Note from the creator:

      This website is based on a creation of mine, the kingdom of AeaTr and other realms around it. I refer to it as my fantasy world, and I use it to write stories. At the time I have five started novels and several short stories. I will post the stories in the Library.

      Because my website is based on AeaTr, this site is actually much of a tour for you, guided by Queen Adeline. It will tell you much about my land. However, the above is not only what my site includes. I've expanded since August '98 to include more interests. Please feel free to explore and try to find something to your liking.

                          Sincerely, Queen Adeline

      P.S. One final note: a lot of my site needs updating, such as my links page and the library. These will be my future projects. Don't be offended by the lack of work in them, please?

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        Poetry for the World

          A service from yours truly, for poets, artists, writers and musicians who want but have no way to post their works on the net.

        Phyre Phaeries of Phoenix Phorest
          Newly opened subsite for fairy lovers

        Darksbane Dragons Holiday Adoptions From Sarina

          See my Darksbane babies dressed up for the holidays

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