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Laytyn Ryah MacKinnon is my niece.  She was born on October 3, 1997.
She is also my goddaughter.  She has brought me so much joy that
     I decided to make some web pages  just for her.  Here, you will find pictures
of her, graphics, sayings, and some of her favorite things.  Please stay
awhile.  Don't forget to sign her guest book on your way out.

This is Laytyn Ryah MacKinnon.  Her grandma, Teresa, carved this
pumpkin just for her.  She is wearing a pumpkin costume, too.

Laytyn's Pets
Laytyn's Album
Laytyn's 1st Birthday
Birthday Pictures
Birthday Pictures - Pg. 2
Laytyn's Awards
Laytyn's Halloween
Laytyn's Christmas
Christmas - Page 2
Webrings Laytyn Belongs To

Laytyn adores Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too.  I got them from Becki and Tina.

                                                 Po               Tinky Winky                Laa Laa       Dipsy
Teletubbies is her favorite T.V. show.  Click on the logo to visit their website.

Laytyn has two cats named Socks and Logan.  Socks is black with white paws.  Just like the President's cat.
Logan look like this.He was named for the movie, Logan's Run.

My friend, Tigress, made this snowglobe for Laytyn.
Click on it to see others she has made.

Please go to this site.  It will touch your heart.


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