Welcome to Ember's world...

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Hi, my name is Ember, and I'm a member of the NJIT Highlanders, sworn to serve and protect, well, everyone we can from the scum of the universe.

Pretty high hopes, huh?

Well, what can you expect from a bunch of technology students turned superheroes overnight?
Look, I'll tell you who I really am if you promise to keep it a secret-- the dean wouldn't like to hear that get out.

Well?... Okay, my name's Cat Martes, and this is my world...

Welcome to the fire....

What's New on this page?

The Fireplace... Where it all started

Hope and Honor My Voyager P/T page The best developed of all of the pages...

The Printer's Press-- My take on fanfic from across the realms...


e-mail cib7088@megahertz.njit.edu

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