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Mystical Magical Frame Removal System

So the filmography, biography, articles, birthday (Sept. 2, 1964), horoscope, name pronunciation (Kee-ah-noo), supposed mailing addresses, and answer to that question (nope) have all been covered very well by the other Keanu websites out there. Why repost them here?! That's my philosophy and I'm sticking to it. If you're not yet familiar with the plethora of pages available, please feel free to check out my far too long list of Keanu Links. What you will find here are pictures. Plenty of pictures, plenty of links, current media alerts, postcards, a few sound clips, a not quite chaotically busy message board, a pretty nifty windows calculator, some fan club information, Keanu Colouring Fun, and anything else I might conjure up.

If you have any goodies to share, suggestions to make, errors to point out, or if you just feel like rambling a bit, go ahead and email me here: emily_@writeme.com

Please remember that I am not Keanu Reeves, nor can I forward messages to him. I do not know the man, he does not know me, and I doubt that he has ever even seen this page. But just in case .... Hi Keanu!!! =:)

Website Materialization Date: October 13, 1996.

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