Vaterland was completed on the 29th April 1914 and was at that time the largest ship in the world until 1922 but after reconstruction she once again became the largest ship in the world which lasted until 1931.
In April 1914 the crew damaged her boilers and engines due to the threat of being captured by U.S.A which she later was a couple of days later.
After repairs and conversion to a U.S. Navy transport she was renamed to Leviathan in September.
In 1919 she was laid up and handed over to the US Shipping Board.
In 1922 they started to reconstruct her as a passenger ship and was after the reconstruction once again the largest ship in the world, 59,956 GRT.
After the reconstruction she became a United States Liner.
In 1931 her weight was reduced to 48,932 GRT just to save money because it was expensive to have such a heavy ship at harbors.

In December 1937 they sold her to be broken up, and she arrived at Rosyth in early 1938.
Technical Data:

Weight: 54,282 GRT      

Length: 289,2 m/ 948 ft       

Width: 30,5 m/ 100 ft

Speed: 25,8 knots          

Passengers: 3909                 

Crew: 1234

Builders: Blohm & Voss at Hamburg, Germany.

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Leviat04.jpg (71914 bytes)Leviat09.jpg (161801 bytes)Leviat10.jpg (7146 bytes)Leviathan's death at the scrap yard.  

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