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    Welcome traveler!

    This site brings you a collection of maps of Mystara made by Darkblood (that's me!). This maps are based on the maps published by TSR in the Mystara line of products. I hope to contribute to the effort that has being made to keep Mystara alive in the net and to help those like me that can't get their hands on all the gazetteers.

Long live Mystara!

    Some maps may contain incorrections (when compared to TSR's). That happens because, as I already said, I don't have most of the Gazetteers (in fact I only have Gaz 6 and Gaz 12), and I'm basing my maps on pieces of different maps (those on Rules Cyclopedia have been helpful). Also, I plan to make 8 miles/hex scaled maps of regions previously unmapped in such scale. Now, if you like my site and want to help me by sending scanned maps (TSR or home made) or giving opinions please contact me at: . I would by eternally grateful to anyone who send me some of the gazetteer's maps I don't have (you see, I live in Brazil, simply there are no stores for used RPG books and it's hard to find some USA dealer who want's to send them here). I previously apologize if you start navigating the maps just to find that the link that leads to the place you intended finding doesn't work. This maps are giving a hard work to make, I'm making them from scratch (no scanner or mapping software) in an graphic program so that they look almost as good as the ones every one is used to find in published material. Nonetheless I'm going on and the link that doesn't work today may be working tomorrow, come back often!


    My maps follow the pattern bellow:


Map: That's where my masterpieces stand.

Navigation Arrows: By clicking this you will be taken to the next adjacent map in the chosen direction.

Key Symbols: I tried to follow TSR's pattern (players are used to it).

New Key Symbols: Symbols that apply only to the map currently being displayed.

    Some of the maps have links themselves, this links will lead to the same map with some comments. The main reason of that is to show "doubt regions". Doubt regions will appear with a red mist over then and these are regions that I had to created myself based on maps in other scales, there will be also a text showing in which map the region is based.

Enough Talking!

    You will choose your starting point, from there you can navigate around Mystara's outer world (at least to the places I already mapped -see the progress so far).

    See also MY THANKS PAGE.

Start the navigation!

Start the navigation !

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