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We are here to solve the nightmares of the WARHAMMER world. Tactics. In the tombs found here will be the solutions. Each army will be presented with generalized tactics (with great detail where possible!) and also tactics versus specific armies. It is my hope to help the demoralized. How many times have you been in the exact predicament as our scroll of truth talks of?

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If you would like to write, or have written, a tactics article for any WHFB army, please contact me!



 Tactics and Ale, An Advanced Guide to WHFB Strategy

 Chaos Dwarf Tactics

 Dark Elf Tactics

 Dwarf Tactics

 Empire Tactics

 High Elf Tactics

 Lizardmen Tactics

 Orc and Goblin Tactics

 Realm of Chaos Tactics

 Skaven Tactics

 Wood Elf Tactics






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The latest release for a bit is now ready!

If you already have Microsoft Access INSTALLED

(either runtime or full license) grab the DATA FILES ONLY.

If you don't have MS-Access grab both the DATA FILES ONLY and

The Warhammer 97 builder zips. YOU NEED BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!

The Font's are now copied to the fonts directory automatically.

If you have your screen look wrong (you'll know) then contact me.

Warhammer 97 builder

The above link ONLY puts in MS-Access runtime and a DUMMY datafile (tmp.mdb)

You MUST grab the hyperlink below for data files only

Last Update 08-06-98-->>If all you need is the MS Access database

(IE, you already have MS Access), grab this ZipFILE: DATA FILES ONLY

Make sure you copy this file to your installation directory!!

Make sure you read all documentation!!!!! You can now import/export

Armies and more!

If you get the error missing system.mdw, grab this zip: system.zip





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