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First of all, you're probably wondering; Why LAliens? What kind of name is that?!? Well, allow me to explain. The LA is for, you guessed it, Los Angeles, where the X-Files moved too from my hometown of Vancouver....causing much anguish and swearing at David Duchovny. Gillian Anderson's better anyway. The 'iens' also matches up with the A in LA to make 'Aliens'. So, L Aliens or LAliens. Am I smart or what? So, this is a page made specifically about the X-Files, by moi, Lily. What will inhabit this page is mainly fanfic and some really cool links, but also there is my crazy ramblings. If you agree, disagree, or so on, my email adress inhabits the bottom of the page.
We have a a guest writer "helping". The ramblings are hers. Allllll hers. Enjoy.

So, we have a small change. Obviously nobody cares about the fanfiction. So it is going to one page, and staying there. And to get most of them you have to go to Gossamer, because they keep changing the links. It's a very irritating habit. Anyway.

Really Good Fanfic That You Should Read

When did it change from Scully to Dearest Dana? Yay so happy!!!! It only took nine years. Does anybody else think that that e-mail was rather uncharacteristic of Mulder wouldn't he be more like:

Hey Scully!

The Lone Gunmen phoned me and they said that there was like this website that had like information on this lady who has pictures that she took of UFOs. Could I courier a body to you for an autopsy? It will be there tonight. I am going to go with the threesome to the Go-Carts tonight. Its too bad your little feet are too short to reach the pedals or you could have come with us. We are also going to watch Harry Potter. I think that Harry Potter contains subliminal messages that are teaching our children to be blind to the conspiracy. Frohike asked me for your e-mail; he is going to send you virtual flowers. Oh yeah how Wilson or is it William.... You know the kid that looks like Skinner.
'The Truth is Out There'
Please write back this time.. I know you love me :)

Yay, yay, yay, happy happy happy! Mulder and Scully luuuuuuuuvvvvv each other... Mulder and Scully should get married and then move somewhere (eg. Prince Rupert) where they will not be brutally murdered. And live happily ever after with a really nice mini-van to take William to soccer. Mulder will be the team coach until the mothers gang up on him for scaring their children with his numerous stories about how soccer was invented to occupy the minds of brainless citizens in an attempt to divert their attention from the conspiracy that was playing out in front of them. It was the last straw when Mulder told little Andrew that the only reason they didn't win the BIG game was that the other team consisted of alien hybrids. Scully needless to say was very disturbed by this occurence. The soccer moms (who can be very determined) cornered her in the grocery store while she was buying Lucky Charms (for Mulder) and threatened to call the authorities (ie the FBI ...ooh scary) and report Mulder. Scully promptly pulled out her badge (which Skinner allowed her to keep for just such incidents which are all to frequent when one is babysitting Mulder). The shiny badge sent the mothers flocking to the carts and away from the cereal aisle. Unfortunately this incident blew their cover and they had to move away from Prince Rupert. Mulder was very pleased when he saw an advertisment for a house with a swimming pool for sale in Prince George. Scully (not with a K ...its with a c) explained to Mulder that while near water one's chances of drowning increase exponentially (She even drew a graph) Mulder agreed that it might be too dangerous for young Willy. Scully smiled "Its you I'm worried about dear". Scully (again with a c) purchased a very safe and power smart home and promptly inserted socket protectors. The Lone Gunmen had told Mulder that you could power a model UFO by inserting a fork into the sockets. He was very excited by the news and didn't even wait till Scully came home from work so that she could see the 'UFO' He plugged the fork in and... (I think you can see where this is going). Anyways Scully put the plugs in...After they moved into their new house Mulder had fun sliding up and down the banister (much to his son's delight) When William tried to imitate his father's (Mulder IS his father. He SOOO is. Not some alien and certinaly not Krychek) behaviour Scully told him that only suicidal morons slid down the banister. William doubted the truth of this statement and calmly informed his mother that his father was doing it. Scully grabbed (in a non child-abusive way) him by the hand and told him that it was time to have the "Talk" about his father. In her distant tone (you know the one) she explained that his father was "different" and had to be treated "differently" to avoid hurting his feelings. Mulder chose that moment to come into the room like a monkey. William instantly understood his mother(Who wouldn't she is very smart. Aren't you jealous? Don't you hate rhetorical questions?)The next day William joined the city baseball team. Mulder was overjoyed at the news as he wanted to be the new coach. He informed Scully of this fact and told her that baseball was originally invented for the purpose of hitting UFOs out of the sky with the ball. Scully gave him the look and locked him in the closet. The moral of the story is as stated above "Yay, yay, yay, happy happy happy! Mulder and Scully luuuuuuuuvvvvv each other..." Even though Scully is way toooo cool for Mulder and doesn't think that socket protectors are aesthetically pleasing

I just watched water fight (aka Within) again. -just the good part. He is sooooooo mean (Dogett). Go Scully!!!! Skinner was so funny. He looked shocked. He was like "Agent Scully....???" Why is he so mean (Dogett again). Its like lets harass Scully her partner wasn't just abducted by aliens(Or kidnapped in my mind -not following the alien stuff...IF they do exist why would they want to abduct people, mutilate cows etc.???? ), she isn't having a mental Why did he have to get abducted(or...). He is so incondsiderate. Why that day??? I am soo mad at him. He should have been there when she found out. NOT Skinner. WHY??? He (Mulder) can be soo sweet but.... Why is he so mean? Why does he also leave her? I wathched Grotesque (I didn't like it ...boring) he ditched her again. Annoying man. WHY??? (I am venting ...) I hope it has a happy ending....but knowing the x-files it won't. Skinner and Scully aren't doing too well either. I see why he did what he did. She was pretty close to 'breaking' but still he could be nicer now. Its not like anyone else will help her. Dogett is useless and he was mean to her in waterfight (still venting) How did he know exactly how to hurt her when he just met her whats with the other women he can confide in?? So not true (but knowing Mulder.... and those videos that aren't his you never know.) My horse's name is Spooky. He is not too bright. WHY WHY couldn't he be there. He was soooo sweet in Requiem. Have you heard the song Sunday Morning After. It reminds me of Never Again when it says Oh my god I woke up with a snake tattoo. Remind you of anyone? Why (starting venting now)did she get such an ugly tattoo??? What's with the snake (Lily says she was drunk but I think even a drunk Scully would have better taste than that -mind you those 1st season clothes..... Someone really needed to explain to her that a red suit and red hair wasn't a good thing -maybe Martha Stuart)Where was I? Oh yeah.. Mulder being Mr I Went To Oxford And I Am Mr Special Psychologist should really have realized what Scull was doing. Like can she be ANY MORE obvious. I don't THINK so. He can be so annoying sometimes and then other times nice(mainly requium before he decided to be abducted(or misplaced for those of us who are more closed minded))He was so sweet in Requium. I wish he could always be nice not ditchy. He was so sweet -so sweet. (No I did NOT cry -ok ok maybe a little - ok there was sobbing(but not too loud)). Return of the sweet Mulder -aka Per Manum (I don't think you would want to borrow my tapes Arcadia=ScullyGreenFace, Dod Kalm=Old and Wrinkly etc. -What? I understand it (lots of teasing though from the lower one(well actually she is quite tall which would make her the higher one))) Brackets confuse me -remind me of computer programming where I am always forgetting them and crashing my computer in many original ways. Having writers block..........................................................................................Ok back now. X-Files is on tonight. Yeah!!! They skipped Syzygy I am traumatized. I hope Skinner is nice to Scull. That would be good. He used to be so nice (original word that 'nice' is) then he was like grrr and I was like Scull!!! (Her name is too long should only be Scull ... one less syllable for me to worry about.) I am so glad she has a baby. She would be the best parent (Im not sure about Mulder though -notice a pro-Scully bias?) I was reading DD's biography he was in quite the intresting movies before he did the X-Files. Quite scared. Not something I would like to watch. X-Files can get a little graphic for me -Oh my God fast forward they're holding hands. Lily's skin is peeling away. She wants me to get her a band-aid. Im a little scared. She's sharing all the graphic details. She is against free-speech -told me to delete this. But no I will not submit to her. She has now left the room.. screaming. Now I can tell you all about everything she doesn't want you to know.... She secretly thinks Krychek is cool. (No Im serious she does) She has a Krychek shrine. She thinks .... well you don't want to know... well I guess you do... she thinks Krychek is cooler than Scully and Mulder combined and that he should have his own show called the K-Files. She also thinks that Krychek is William's father. I argue with her constantly that Mulder SO is (Eventhough he can be annoying) but she still holds onto her belief that Krychek is. I don't like Krychek. If it wasn't for him Mulder never would have went back to the place with the space ship (or airplane for those of us with problems) then he would have been there when Scully found out(resumming venting). Then she could have told him and not Skinner (not that I have anything against the AD other than that he was mean to Scully and that is mean)and if Mulder was there it would have been happy. As in really happy.

Lily's note: It isn't true and you know it!!!

Lily LOVES Krychek! She will only watch episodes with Krychek. She will also watch Genderbender quite happily. Just make sure you don’t talk to her when He is on. She screechs like a cat or a skunk. Says it’s true love. Guess who she thinks is really cool? Fowley!!!!! She wants to be just like her. She practices in front of the mirror. She thinks Fowley and Mulder should get back together (even though she‘s dead)! She just substantiated this claim!! I’m soo telling the truth!! She said that he would actually pay attention to her. Would I say that no!! My brain is too occupied with Mulder and Scully’s wedding plans! They should get married in a church (more like a cathedral). The guest list includes: Skinner (who is so cool!!!), Doggett, Reyes, Agent Harrison, Mrs. Scully, any other random Scullys (I guess Bill can come), and Scully could resurrect a few people just to fill the church (If she can’t they could just prop up the bodies not one will be able to tell. Frohike probably looks exactly the same) Actually I’m sure Scully wouldn’t go for this idea; she would prefer to decorate with flowers. Mulder is fine with corpses. Now Lily’s going on about how there will be no one there. I don’t think that’s a good reason not to get married. She’s just making excuses for here Fowley/Mulder fantasy. In fact she thinks that if she (Lily) married Krychek at the same time as Fowley and Mulder’s wedding they would have enough friends to fill the church!!! Oh no now Mulder is married off!!! Now I can’t marry him! Which leaves me with Skinner! Oh well…. Scully probably won’t even notice her partner has left her because she’ll be happily at home with her latest Scientific American (next month’s issue is a special edition about time! I’m sooo excited!!!) Poor Scully…oh she could marry a newly resurrected Pendrell (He‘d debate Einstein‘s Relativity with her!)!! My computer’s name is Zippy. He likes computer disks!! Have you heard Alanis Morissette’s song Head over Feet. It’s very shippy but it’s good EVEN Lily likes it!!!! It’s really good something about “You’re my best friend with benefits. What took us so long? You are the bearer of unconditional things etc…”

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I liked the movie, even if the stupid critics didn't. I saw it 4 times! Cherish the past...Enjoy the present...Fight The Future!

Dark Horizons
The X-Files: The Movie
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The X-Files: The AlbumsThe musical side of the X-Files. This is here because... I didn't know where else to put it.

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