Sorry I haven't updated the page for a while but I've been moving around. Anyway I'll continue doing updates from here, for any of you who are interested I'm in a place called Turku and will be watching and supporting TPS Turku from the beginning of the season. Ah, those poor people won't know what's hit them :-) So I'll come back and do some more to the page a little later.

If you want to go look at their official website (most of it's in Finnish but they have a small English section :-D) click here or on their logo below.

Hi I'm mentalmel, a.k.a. Melanie (the mental one), and this is my homepage. This is me (on the right), my friend Muppet (center), and my sister Marianne (on the left of course (c; )

In the bar at Wightlink on the Isle of Widgit (Yes I know it should be Wight, but I prefer Widgit :oD) enjoying the cheap beer after the match. O.K. got that??? Good, well these are just some of the teams I support...

If anybody is still wondering why I'm called mental they must be even worse than I am.

I've only just started (I'm even making up HTML as I go :o))) and am currently trying to build this site so please watch out for any debris. Hopefully this site will become even better soon so please come back and visit in a little while.

My interests are:
Ice-hockey, sailing and science-fiction or fantasy.

The description of my page is:

If you want to visit some other pages I've got going please follow these:
Thera42 sci-fi page

(Me and Muppet in colour!!!)
My personal home page

If you want to go to something that is ice-hockey related you might want to try going to:"BIHA Homepage" and you'll be able to find more links there.
This next link is on the request of Paul Parkin so another hockey link goes to the EIHA website

If you want to go to the Guildford Flames website press on their icon towards the top of the page or click on this: The Official Guildford Flames HomePage

To follow the Peterborough Pirates link try clicking on their icon also seen above.

Another page you might like to visit is: "Penny's Page"which is an unofficial Newcastle Riverkings site.
If you have any links you'd like me to add e-mail them to me. I won't promise I'll put them on but I'll go and take a peek and may make a link if I want to, not that I'm a megalomaniac or anything :-D

Trying to organise this better I've decided to set up a links page and if you goHERE you'll be able to find all the links from this page and more, and it's much better organised :-)

Please feel free to email me at bs61mw@surrey.ac.uk or at thera_42@hotmail.com

If not you might want to sign my guestbook or just have a look at what other people have already written...
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Bye Bye :-)

Melanie (the mental one)

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