My 68' Bug (aka Lu-Lu)

The long story short. I purchased this car on 12 Aug 99 and planned on repairing it to its original glory after its was rear ended. The rear end damage was not to bad at all but the P.O. whom was an older man had the Ghia registered salvaged due to lack of funds. When I purchased the Ghia I was trying to prepare it for the winter as a get to and from work car while I resto'd it because I had planned on it being to cold to ride my Suzuki Katana. Well the project was taking longer then I had expected and I was in need of warmer transportation b4 winter hit so I traded my bike for a 1968 bug. I have since fell in love with it and haven't got the time of money to resto both. So for a new paint job for the Bug (a.k.a Lu-Lu) I have to let the Ghia go.
No games, this car runs good, the trans and engine have less then 3k rebuilt per the P.O. the pan is in GREAT shape, the body needs work and paint, the int. needs cleaning . It is SMOG exempt and reg'd so that is not a problem. Please take a look at the Ghia and decide if it is what you are looking for. I am asking $1000.00 obo but she goes to the best offer. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. p.s. This web site is included free of charge if you want a b4 and after thing.

$1000.00 OBO
7722 N. Angus St. #232
Fresno, Ca 93720
209.358.5338 eve
209.381.7347 day
209.569.8197 pgr
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