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Well, I am not a very big fan of Vivian.. But I like her song.. She currently published 3 CD album. One Chinese, One Japanese and One Korean.. And some Singles.. I think is about 5 singles.. and don't you think she knows a lots of language Chinese is one and then Japanese, then Korean. A lot? I also believe that she knows Taiwanese and English.

My Favorite Song

Which one is your favorite? my Favorite one is a Chinese song "(DaMaFan)" is my favorite. Her Song in Korean is also good, but not as good as her 1st CD wish is the Japanese CD.

V026.jpg (37475 bytes)My Favorite Movie

One my favorite Movie: is the "We're No Bad Guys(To Be 100% Hero)" which is a Hong Kong Movie. She is look the 2nd Main Character in this Movie. That is all I got...See I said I am not a big fan of her.

Her Pictures

Do you think she look good? She took a lots of Picture at the beach. And some nude Picture which we will never have on this page. And Please don't try to find it..... And She is so Young too, and you may think she look younger.
P.S. Say No To Nude Picture


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