Interested in a Siberian there are a few things you should know about the breed first. Siberians are not the breed for everybody. Research any breed you are considering to make an informed decision on which breed is right for you. It is better to research first than be sorry later and it could save a dog from ending up in a rescue situation.

Vicki Vincent

1.Siberians LOVE TO DIG so if you like that perfect landscape don't get a Siberian.
2. Siberians are ESCAPE ARTISTS and require a six foot fence.
3. Siberians need to be ON LEASH at all times when out of the yard.
4. Siberians SHED by the bushel basket when they are blowing their coats. A lot of grooming needed during this time.
5. Siberians NEED THE COMPANIONSHIP of their owner.
6. Siberians are AN ENERGETIC BREED and can become destructive when bored.
7. Siberians ARE NOT GUARD DOGS they would sooner help the burgular carry the TV out than bark.
8. Siberians are NOT AN "EASY" breed to train. You need to use positive training methods with a Siberian.
9. Siberians are very intelligent and can figure out just about anything including opening doors, crates, and gates.
10. Siberians have a high prey drive and may not be compatable with other small animals.

On the other side

1. Siberians are very loving and good with children. As with any breed supervision is needed with very young children.
2. Siberians are beautiful dogs with very expressionate eyes that melt your heart.
3. Siberians are clowns that can entertain (or frustrate) you with their antics.
4. Siberians are friendly and not aggressive dogs.

Remember whatever breed of dog you decide is right for you buy from a reputable breeder who can answer all the questions you may have without hesitation. Questions on health checks (hips and eyes) should always be asked. Ask to see the parents of the puppy. If they are not on the premises ask to see a photo and pedigree of the parents. Take your time to decide which puppy is right for you.

Getting a pet is not a spur of the moment decision it is a decision that should last a lifetime.

Another option is considering a dog from rescue. Please check our rescue link below for available rescues in our area. The Siberian Husky Club of America web page lists rescue groups and breeder referal in other areas.

The Boys

Juroblyn's Midnite Intruder TT CGC


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Available Rescues

Available Rescues

Gone But Never Forgotten

Vincent's Nanook Of E'ville CD CGC TDI
12/18/91 - 6/16/03

UKC CH Juroblyn's Starlite Starbrite

Silver Snow Fire CGC

Vincent's Wish Upon A Star

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Vincent's Winter Mystique CD CGC TDI

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