My MOM was raised by wildcats!

Yes, this is my mom when she was small. On either side of her is her Surrogate Mother and her Surrogate Father?! Want to know more about them?

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Descendants of Adam

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I began to research my family history in 1985. My research has led me to collect much information on my family from many different sources including my own family and collections of data from several other genealogists. I do not personally claim to be a genealogist. I am simply a collector of information. I now have literally thousands of ancestors and cousins catalogued in my records.

My family lines include Beard, Lanning, Swicegood, Beck.

Through the Beard line I have been able to track my ancestors all the way back to Adam and Eve. (Based on the royal lineage of Charlemagne the Emperor.)

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All articles and pictures included on these page have been collected from a large variety of sources and are provided for the personal use and entertainment of those accessing these pages. Much of the information provided here has not been verified and it is up to the user to verify anything that they intend to use.
Last revised: September 15, 1997

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