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Hey, everybody! We won our first award! Thanks goes to Memphis Jan, with the best MIDI selection on the Internet!
MemphisJan's You Rock Me! Award

Hi, I'm Nancy and my husband's named Mark and welcome to our cyber home.
It is now Fall in the Ohio Valley and the nights are getting colder. I can feel Old Man Winter blowing his cold breath on us and we've had a small bit of snow. The crops are in, and it was a dismal season. The drought struck us all and I ask everyone to pray for the farmers who watched the sweet corn dry up in the fields. My parents live 30 miles north of me, also in Ohio, and the lake outside of their house dropped about 5 feet. I don't think the soybeans did very well either and so all the farmers got a double whammy! Let's hope for a lot of snow, so that next year it will be a better year.

I signed up on 03/08/98. As you can see, in surfing our pages, we've done a great deal of work on our page since it's inception. These are my first tries at HTML

I would REALLY appreciate everyone who visits signing my guestbook. I'd love to know what you think of all of this.

Our interests are:
Christianity, our son, Elias, Sherlock Holmes mysteries (Nancy's), saltwater fishing and arguing about the finer points of the Civil War (Mark is from Tennessee and Nancy is from Ohio)!. While my husband calls it the Yankee Invasion, I call it the Southern Rebellion and it causes some interesting discussions in our household!

The description of our page is:
Family Values

Tell us what you think, so far.

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Please come back soon and visit us.

I don't usually like to put web ring stuff on my first page, unless the ringmaster demands it, but this one was just too compelling. I have a five year old boy and I cried while reading Sabrina's story. I can only imagine the pain this family is going through. To all who read this, pray for Sabrina and her family. Add this to your web page. What if this was your child, brother, sister or grandchild? Wouldn't you want as many people as possible doing as much as they could?

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