CLEMENT “merciful” was the name of four popes before the end of the thirteenth century, on a saint of the first century, and two of them during the surname period, and the name become well established throughout Europe. CLEMENT was a fellow worker with Paul of Philippi. His name is written in “the book of life” (Phil. 4:3), a feature that made the name a great favorite in all Christian countries.

English and Scottish forms of the resulting family names are CLEMENS, CLEMENT, CLEMENTS, CLEMONS and the Pet form CLEM. The French also favored CLEMENT and the diminutive form CLEMENCEAU. Scandinavians used CLEMENSON and CLEMENTSEN. A German form is KLEMM. The Italian names are CLEMENTE and CLEMENTI. The popular Slavic form is KLIMA, while the Lithuranians preferred KLIMAS. A Czechoslavakian form is KLIMEK and the Polish surnames are KILMCZAK and KLIMKIEWICZ

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