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On March 18, 1999, I took possession of
1999 SVT Cobra...


(Click the cobra below to see some photos.)


Spitting Cobra


This site is dedicated to Fast Fords - particularly Mustangs and Cobras.
Included will be a picture of every year Mustang from its beginnings in 1964 until the current model.  There will also be links to other Mustang sites and performance after-market dealers.


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Mustangs Through the Years!

Mustangs Through the Years

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SVT Cobra - Ultimate site for Information of SVT Cobras, clubs, etc.

Meanstang - Restoring, racing, or buying - everything for the Mustang enthusiast.

The Corral - A great source for Mustang information and discussions.

BlueOvalNews - THE source for the latest Ford news, both published and unpublished.

My 1996 Mustang Cobra
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