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James Robert Beaver

The Rock and Roll Capital of the World...

Box 33 Rockland, Delaware 19732-0033

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James Robert Beaver

I signed up on Monday, April 20, 1998 at 18:21:13 zulu, and I'm not trying too figure out how too sell these various pieces of musical equipment anymore... On Monday, May 11, 1998 at 11:00 PM. I recieved a very serious offer, therefore I believe what is pictured here is about to find a new home in North Carolina...

I am a professional musician and I have reached that spot in time when I feel as though I must try to stop and do something else...

If you are seriously interested in Gibson guitars, I got em... Electronic correspondence will give you an answer regarding what's pictured here... Please Feel free to E-Mail me if you are serious about these "bread and butter tools" and collectable instruments...

The Les Paul, Custom Deluxe is one of the first ones that was "Cherry Sunburst" from the factory, It has also been fitted with a "HipShot" Bender, and E6, A5: "shifters," which can be removed from the instrument with out damaging it!!!

I am also known as "Paladin," "Blue Spader," "Goldfingers," "Number Twenty Nine," and "Skysoldier."

My interests are:

Flying, ( I'm a private Pilot... ) Artistic Dance on Skates, Desk Top Publishing, Photography, Chess, Performing, and Recording arts ( I play: Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Saxophone, Five String, and tenor Banjos, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, and I am a tenor vocalist. I am also a MIDI synthesist...)

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    I set up this page for the purpose of giving my daughter a mechanism for finding me, Learning something about me, and communicating with me...

    Here are three pictures of what she looked like sixteen years ago when I last saw her!

    I've been trying to keep a very high profile in data bases across the WWW, with various Internet resources so that If Judy Ellen has access to computer search engines, browsers, ISP's, and other PC's, MODEMS, and etc... She shall have minimal difficulty in locating her father...

    We have not seen each other since Monday, June 21, 1982 @ noon. When We celebrated the second anniversary of her birthday... She was born at 3:25 AM. Mon. Jun. 23, 1980 in Wilmington, DE.

    In 1983, She was taken by her mother from Yeadon, Pennsylvania, to Somewhere near Saint Louis, Missouri...

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  • This is a photograph of "HONG KONG Mountain," a Land mark of the Base Camp, of The First Air Cavalry Division, at An Khe, Viet Nam, Camp Radcliff, "The Golf Course..." After two tours of duty with The First Team. I became a "Life Member" of the First Cavalry Division Association...

  • This is the same Hong Kong Mountain, seen from another perspective. It was our advertising campaign! ( Our Big Yellow Sign could be seen from over 20 miles away!!! ) Our source of light when it was dark out, and it was our world class radio communication system...

    My Background

    I was born in Wilmington, Delaware, but I have lived in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, New Jersey, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. My father was a railroad employee and my mother was a jack of all trades. Most of the places where I lived were rural farms or suburban neighborhoods, and my parents seperated after my father retired from the Pennsylvania Railroad... He passed away in July 1984...

    I am a veteran of the Navy, Army, and Air Force. In the Navy I was an Aviation Machinist, In the Army, an Infantryman, and a Photographer with the 26th. Infantry, and a Light Weapons Infantryman, and Aircraft Instrument Mechanic with D. Co. 15th. TC. A/C M/S. Bn. 1St. Cav. Div. APO 96490. Jul. 65 through Sep. 66 In the Air Force I was an Air Traffic Controller, and a fixed wing Aircraft Pilot. My foreign service was in Germany, with the BIG RED ONE, The First Infantry Division. I did "Special TDY" in Panama, and in Viet Nam I "Pioneered..." Camp Radcilff and served with "The First Team,"
    The First Cavalry Division Airmobile

    After some military experience and activity, and a few jobs in the civilian aviation industry, I began playing the lead guitar, saxophone, harmonica, and keyboards in the world famous rock and roll band that "started rock 'n' roll." I am currently at a "...catch my breath..." place at The

    ( Rock 'n' Roll capital of the World )

    Rockland, Delaware.

    My road buddy is a five year old miniture red dachshund that was the victim of abuse. The man who rescued her, gave her the name Belle, and placed her in my custody. She does not like dog food, and... uh... I don't either! We've been pals for the past four years.

    My Interests

    I suppose that one of the best - and fastest - ways to really get to know me is by discovering what I like. So here goes. . . I utilize my leisure time, and I take great pleasure from Playing and performing on the guitar, and these other activities:

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