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Hi! My name is Bogey. I am a peach-faced lovebird. If you are thinking about getting a lovebird you have come to the right place. I will tell you my story and what makes me happy, healthy, and a wonderful pet!

First let me tell you how I came to pick out my new owners.

It was another perfect day in this Hawaiian paradise--- the tradewinds were blowing and the Java Sparrows outside were calling for me to join in the fun of being free. I decided I would go ahead and take a litttle break from captivity (but how I managed to pull off the great escape is my secret, so don't even ask! :-)

There are lots of us escaped domestic birds flying around here on Oahu. Cockatoos, conures, cockatiels, and even more lovebirds like me. There are even colonies of free roaming red crowned Amazon parrots flying around and suspected of breeding. For some reason the humans on this island get all bent out of shape about this because they think we interfere with the native bird species.

Well, anyway, I sure wouldn't want to interfere with anybody, so I started looking for a new place to call home. I noticed some guys out in the middle of this big green field. They were using these skinny sticks to hit little white balls into tiny holes. They were talking about birdies, bogeys, and par, and muttering about the new expensive clubs they needed so that they could hit that little ball better. I thought I might take pity on them. It looked like they could use a new hobby. I flew under one of the bags that contained all of those sticks and sat there waiting for them to chase me around a bit (I thought they needed a little exercise since they weren't getting much from that other hobby).

One of the guys mentioned that his mate had been wanting a pet bird and he said if he couldn't locate my old owner I could take up residence with them. So it was agreed that I would go home with this fella, "John". Right away I started suspecting that this guy might be a first time Lovebird owner. He fashioned a comfortable box for me to ride home in, but didn't listen when I tried to explain the type of accomodations to which us lovebirds are accustomed. He went up to the local Wal-Mart store and picked out one of those cages advertised for budgerigars and cockatiels. Although, it was pretty tall and looked nice, it was round and the bars of the cage all went straight up and down. It took me a couple of days to convince John and his mate that I would prefer a rectangular shaped cage, with bars that go straight across so that I can climb around and not slide down! I was surprised and pleased to learn how trainable this human and his mate were. In a short time, I had an incredible birdie condominium with lots of toys, a play pen, bathing facilities, and everything else that the local pet store could offer to make me a happy and comfortable lovebird. They bought all kinds of books about lovebirds so they would know my favorite foods and even managed to turn a front lanai (Hawaiian for "screened-in porch") into the perfect aviary for my daily flight time. To top it off, they bought me a friend, the colorful and playful, "Nani Loa". It's not so bad in captivity after all. I think I will stick around a while!

I'll scratch your head if you scratch mine! :-)

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