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As a Psion-addict I developed some SIBO and EPOC-applications for my private use during the last years -- but never found the time to make them available to the public. Now I felt it's time to contribute to the EPOC Freeware scene and make the most actual one ready for distribution: PsiFrac, a fractal generator for the PSION Series 5 and other machines based on Symbian's great EPOC operating system.

Have fun!

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PsiFrac 1.1

PsiFrac is a freeware fractal generator for the Psion Series 5 and other EPOC devices. The new version includes quite a lot of enhancements to version 1.0 -- give it a try! :-)

New features in version 1.1 include:

- much better pen support
- recognition of screen size on target machine -- runs fine on the Revo, netBook etc.
- minor speed improvement
- English online help
- increased maximum number of iterations
... and a lot of stuff of minor importance.

In spite of the fact that the program runs fine on the 5 "classic" and the Geofox, I have got to warn owners of these machines that computing the fractals -- well -- takes quite a while. Apart from the fact that the 5mx's processor is about twice as fast, the implementation of the mathematical stuff in ER5 seems to be much better that it was in ER3; I haven't made any precise benchmarks, but I guess that my program is about five times faster on the mx than it was on the classic Series 5. Well done, Symbian! Unfortunately, I haven't seen PsiFrac running on a netBook yet...

Here are some screenshots:

PsiFrac on a Series 5 with the zoom-popup menu.

A typical area of the Mandelbrot set on a 5.

netBook -- without status window.

Julia set on a netBook.

Known issues (as of 30/08/00):

I would be glad to receive any comments and / or suggestions concerning PsiFrac. Please don't hesitate to contact me!

Follow this link to download PsiFrac 1.1. (zipped SIS-file, 16 KB)

History of PsiFrac:

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