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Elle's Angel Heaven

Angel Kisses to all of you !!

The word "Angel" is a generic term for a collective group of beings. They fill the heavens, the cosmos and the earth.

Angels are androgynous, but do have both male and female qualities along with their own individual characteristics. However, they may appear to us in person looking either a male or a female. This is only for our benefit to enhance communication between the two species. If we see something that looks familiar, we may better understand their message to us, since there would be a comfort level.

Angels are usually invisible to the human eye, but not to the human heart. They are a different species. Angels are intelligent beings with capability of emotional feelings. They are on a different vibrational frequency than what the human physical senses are tuned in to.

We are all assigned to a guardian angel from the moment of conception. They are our closest companions and virtually watches over every aspect of human activity. They are here to help us connect to our highest level spiritually and to raise our levels of comprehending unconditional love.

May your angels be with you always!

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