Welcome to Starle's Archives, the depository for the writings of a near-unknown "storyteller chick." Fantasy, surrealism, character sketches, all original works, with the occasional poem thrown in here and there. I try to add works as frequently as I can, but, due to a busy life, that's not as frequent as I'd like. Please visit at least a few times a month, as I try to put up additions at least once a week.

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"The Chronicle of Rois Melinor" At long last [fanfare], the newly rewritten Chronicle. The tale of Rois Melinor, shapeshifter. This is probably my favorite, simply...because.

"Acquainted with the Night"

And here, a shorter story connected to that of Rois, told from the perspective of a Surkith Tanne shapeshifter, Raeli. My first attempt with something similar to an antihero. Note! All work on this story has been temporarily stopped; there's some things I need to clear up. I'll continue soon, thanks for understanding.

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