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A Jerky's HomepageThis goes to my wildest, craziest, grumpish works...


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Rugged as you can see and may not even suit your taste but it's not gonna make you consume most of your time digging what I would like to show you inside my home.

Once you're in, you'll discover that my home is a real place, worthwhile to cave in (so commo'n, you're at my front door now!). You'll be treated service de luxe as my very, very special guest. So while you're still guessing what I will be offering you, relax on your seat, turn on your PC sounds and feel the sweet ambiance of my place. Cool!

Mine, (my homepage, what else?) is just a natively plain and simple, and getting to know me is like you're having yourself into oblivion. I could not offer you much of what other internet whacko's can give but by simply visiting me and bearing some time browsing this homemade stuff of mine, as if I'm one of them. Cool! And for this I would be grateful.

Arghh!, I know, you're getting bored now with my long speech. Okey, I will not make you wait now....

What you see is what you get, so they say and to delight you, I've manage to prepare wonderful dishes specially for you. For a starter, a  mouthwatering soup of the Realities of Life is here awaiting. Have a feast with my All Time Favorites to be served for main course. And after all those burping, let me treat you more to a gravy choice of desserts with my Picturesque which you can have it for free. You can hardcopy some to scare away all those rats roaming in your room!

So, be cool, relax and have a good time!

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