~~She swings and sways to the music......
she twirls and spin like being out of control
the music has won her very soul
she moves as under a mystical spell
Who is she? You ask!.....
What is she? You want to know.....
Do you know her? You might
she is filled with dreams and haunts,
she hides under her own dilusions,
she even laughs at them, she enjoy's them.
She is a tease and a vamp,
she is wild and crazy at times,
she is demure when need be,
She is a Women.
She is a black hearted woman
and she has come to enter your WORLD

My interests are:oh so many

The description of my page is:
a little of this and a little of that and
then some more

We will go places
you may not have ever been before,
XXXX trust me you might love it
will you trust this woman?
for you have no idea where you might go.

Well just talking bores
me unless the convo is really interesting
maybe we can show each other a few things!!
I hope you enjoy what your about to see,
take the venture to the other side,
the side of Witch'y,some
Magick, Myths, Spells, a Potion or two
and hmmm a few tales from the Crypt
Just another side of my multi-faceted personality.
This side is much different then the last.(hysterically laughing)

Gosh I almost forgot
to introduce you to my little friend here,
his name is "WiZ" and he goes where I go,
so dont mind him, at times he gets lazy
and has to nap, but for the most
part he is a ok.
Just ignore him if he bothers you.
But I have to warn you, his wand
has many powers and he at times use's them.
Just keep your eye on him,
you know I can't watch him every minute!!.....
*giggles* ....oops almost forgot,
he has some little friends
that show up every now and then tooo,
so keep your eyes opened for them!!

Dont be afraid,
I will hold your hand along the way,
never Fear cause Witch'y is here.
Are you ready?
come on
oh come on, there is nothing to fear
but fear itself
let's go (winks)!!

Watch your step please

Oh, yes I have joined this Web Ring
Why you ask!!Well First off
I am a
"Being in Total Control Herself"
and I like that feeling and the way it sounds!!!
and it's ME all the WaY.

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Would You Like To Join..?
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', Being In Total Control of Herself ,',

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It has come to my attention the a founder of B*I*T*C*H
has passed on from this life to her next adventure.
She will be sadly missed and dearly loved

OK now you have seen the WebRing,
so take my hand and lets walk thru the doors,
Do watch your step.( devlish grin )

Ok Wiz the holiday's are here again,
you think we will get a
pretty card or something from
someone?....hehe hope so

Page updated May 18th, 2000....WoW we made it !

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