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Canadians On The Internet

While checking my stats I noticed some people came to this site after searching how to make a happy face in chat. So to be helpful...while holding the shift button press : then ) then enter.
Your happy face will appear in chat.

I'm still around, just not as much.

How To Annoy People On Chat

  1. After a steamy cyber PM type, I have to go, my mom's home! Then leave.
  2. Play with emotion buttons repeatedly.
  3. Correct peoples spelling.
  4. Pretend you don't know how to make the happy faces, and get the whole room teaching you.
  5. Pick a target and type everything they type.
  6. Pretend your PM isn't working and make them keep asking in the room if you got it.
  7. Refer to people as the opposite gender. When they correct you, ask them if they're sure.
  8. Accuse guys of being in the PM, especially with other guys.
  9. Get a born again christian talking. That's it!
  10. Follow people from room to room without saying anything.
  11. Go into unsecured user rooms with only two people and ask, What's Up!!!
  12. Accuse a person who enters room after you of following you.
  13. lol@EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Type and enter each word one at a time then ask why it's doing that.
  15. Chose someone and demand that they stop PMing you. You don't cyber.
  16. If people are speaking a foreign language, translate for them.
  17. Type peoples profile info in the room. Especially the married ones.
  18. Pick someone then politely disagree with everything they say.
  19. Say hello or goodbye to everyone entering or leaving, using their names if possible.
  20. Whenever someone asks where you're from give a different answer.

    You are addicted to Yahoo when...

    1. You say LOL instead of laughing
    2. Your chair costs more than your mattress
    3. You get a second line so you can call Dominos
    4. You have a vanity car tag with your screen name on it
    5. Someone at work says, "What did you say?" and you reply, "Scroll up!"
    6. You find yourself sneaking away to the computer in the middle of the night when your spouse is asleep
    7. You've ever typed "drinking on chat is better than drinking alone"
    8. You want to meet someone new and your first impulse is to turn on the computer
    9. You keep begging your friends to get on Yahoo so "we can hang out"
    10. You watch tv with the closed captioning turned on
    11. You know more about your internet friends daily routines than you do your spouses
    12. You have an identity crisis if someone else is using a screen name similiar to yours
    13. You would rather tell people your bloodshot eyes are from partying too much instead of being online all night
    14. You see an annoying person offline and wish you had your ignore button handy
    15. You get the shakes if you are separated from your computer for too long
    16. You marry your cyberboyfriend and you both sit at your own computers to chat to each other
    17. You get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom then decide to "just" check your email
    18. You actually understand the credits rolling by at the end of a movie now
    19. There is nothing happening in the chat room but you're afraid to leave in case you miss something
    20. Fifteen people greet you with {{{hugs}}} when you enter a room
    21. You are unable to speak in complete sentences
    22. You actually don't consider reading these lists a waste of time : P


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