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About Me!
 Hey! My name is Ashley. I just turned 14 and I am now a FRESHMAN at Whiteville High School. I live in a small town in southeastern North Carolina.

I don't play many sports, but I am interested in basketball, baseball and tennis. My favoirte college team is the UNC-Tarheels (duh), favorite pro team is the Chicago Bulls. My favorite tennis player is Andre Agassie. He is married to Brooke Shields. As for baseball my favorite team would have to be the Atlanta Braves. My favorite players on the Braves team would be #10 Chipper Jones, Javy Lopez, Keith Lockheart.

My Friends

Of course I have friends. I have many on the internet and like people I actually know. If you get what I am saying. I could write out a list of people but I don't think I will. I have friends on the internet like Butterfli, Jethro, Swamprat, Jas, Kailas, Superman1999, and lots of others. And my closest friends are Ashley Holcomb, Kristina, Kristin, Amy, Renee' aka Rennie, Amber, Jessica, and Felisia.

I love to listen to music. I like 'N SYNC, Backstreet Boys, K-Ci & JoJo, Puff Daddy, Natalie Imbrulia, Wall Flowers, Robyn, Third Eye Blind, Code Red,.....etc. I kinda like 5 or Five whatever it is. They sing a song "When the lights go out". I love listening to the radio, going to the movies, getting on the internet, icq, tallking on the telephone, and watching music videos on MTV, VH1, Much Music, and M2.

'N SYNC is my favorite group! You know Justin, JC, Chris, Joey, and Lance! You know they are alot like BSB but they do dance more AND better. They put more energy and moves in to it! They don't look to bad either! Also I have my NSYNC page...check it out! Nothing againsy Backstreet!

My N'Sync Page

Check out my Nsync Page!  It has wav files and lots of pics.  Working on information pages for each individual band member too!

Hot Links!

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My Family...

Well, to start off, I live with my mom, Susan and step-dad, Jeff. I have a little half brother named Nathan and a step-sister named Chasiti. She lives with her mom. Then there is my dad, Keny, step-mom, Sharon; step-, Ricky and step-sister, Amanda. I have about four other "moms"....Swamprat, Judybug, Aunt Tammy and Aunt Alice.

My mom and her rider...HA!!!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to "swamprat" for helping me with my homepage!!! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Horray!!!!!

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