Welcome to My New Phat Page

ˇBienvenidos Amigos a "Mi Nueva Pagina Phat"!

Sorry man, We ain't finished yet !!!

Sorry to all you folks out there, but something went wrong with my phat hempboard and the phat anonymous mailer, so they ain't here no more... I'm still gettin' more phat stuff to put on this page. But here's some stuff to do now:

My Page of Marijuana Fun Facts and My Phat Chat Page

Here's My original Phat Page: My (Former) Phat Page*. Also, remember to click on the Super Auction banner below. You can bid on inexpensive computer products there. (Hey, I'm getting a whole 2 cents for each hit from my page !!!)

*My original Phat Page was removed (I guess they don't allow cows selling computers on their pages!) so that is what's left of it since I found out what happened.

ˇˇˇ NEAT-O Stuff On Our Fave Plant, Hemp !!!

National NORML Homepage
The Cheech and Chong Web Site!
~ F R E E - M A R I J U A N A ~
Bongmart Waterpipe & Accessories Boutique
Hempers Bazaar
The Drug Information Page
Holly's Hemp Page

Other Kewl Stuff

One of my Pages
Cujo's Thingy-ma-dutty
PyRo J0E's Page
Vincent Flanders (author of "Web Pages That Suck")
Web Pages That Suck

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