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Double Bass and Steve Welcome to Music Music Music. Here you will find a varied musical selection, audio and visual, from Jazz through to Pop. I am constantly updating the site with new music files including Real Audio, Wav and MP3 Files. Also more and more Jazz Transcriptions from jazz double bass players such as Paul Chambers and Charles Mingus and links to other Australian Musician's Homepages where you can purchase quality audio CD's and listen to great music. The Featured artist for today is "LYNNE". Check Out the official Lynne Website at

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LYNNE"LYNNE" Jazzy, Poppy, Folky, Funky sort of stuff. Australian, Acoustic, Original and Independent
MUSIC"GENERAL MUSIC" Wide selection of great music ­Real Audio, MP3 and Wav Files. Various Artists
JAZZ TRANSCRIPTIONS"TRANSCRIPTIONS" Jazz transcriptions - Paul Chambers, Miles davis and more
Australian Jazz Musicians"BOP" Brains Of Passion - out there instrumental jazz duo featuring Double Bass and Reed Instruments
Australian Jazz Trio"BOOKINGS DIRECT" The free to use information and booking service for Sydney Entertainment

A bit about Steve
I've been a professional musician for over 13 years. I live in Sydney, Australia and have played with many well known Australian Jazz Musicians including Dale Barlow and Bernie McGaan. I also have extensive experience playing most styles of music and have played with Australian Pop sensations Gyan and Martin Plaza and well known Groove band DIG. My main instrument is Double Bass but I also play guitar and sing.


I have mentioned Lynne a couple of times and you may be wanting more information. Lynne is both my dearest friend and also the name of a band. Lynne the band is a jazzy poppy folky funky sort of thing. It is Australian, Acoustic, Original, Contemporary, Independent and Music from the Heart, featuring the amazing vocals of Lynne Newman, the hot double bass of Steve Arié and the cool guitar of Simon Rudston­Brown. The music is very special as Lynne and I have an incredible friendship. We have known each other for over 10 years now, going from friends to lovers and then back to friends. Both Lynne and I co-write most of the material and for more information just click on any of the LYNNE links.


The Jazz Transcriptions will mainly be by Double Bass players. Being a double bass player myself I find I most enjoy transcribing Bass solos but there will be a few non double bass transcriptions. I will be including more and more jazz transcriptions as time goes by.

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