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"The Beatles saved the world from boredom" - George Harrison

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YESTERDAY.....THE TRIBUTE is a band that is dedicated to recreating the early '60s Beatles concert experience. From their accents and mannerisms to their black pointed boots and authentic instruments, what you'll experience is a total flashback to the best years of the Fab Four. It's the next best thing to watching the Beatles themselves. The four man group of Beatles impersonators delivers a concert that takes the audience back to the time when the British Invasion was at its peak. The concert showcases the Beatles' greatest hits, featuring music from their historic appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, their movies, A Hard Day's Night and Help!, as well as their final live concert at Candlestick Park in August, 1966.


PAUL (Vocals, Bass, Piano, Guitar)

Playing the young Paul McCartney, this cast member hails from the Philadelphia area. His experience from working with other Beatles tribute bands and youthful energy when playing really wows the audience right off there feet!

GEORGE (Vocals, Lead Guitar)

This cast member also hails from the Pennsylvania area, his precision in vocals and guitar really shine through, especially on songs such as "Roll over Beethoven" and "Something"

RINGO (Drums, percussion, vocals)

Continuing a family tradition, this cast member hails from New Jersey. His talent as Ringo really shows when he plays songs such as "Boys" and "Act Naturally"

JOHN (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano,Harmonica)

A seasoned veteran in the role of John, this cast member hails from the Pennsylvania area. From his looks to his playing style, right down to his British accent, his preformance is rated second to none.

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