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Áisatsu! You have come upon my humble little anime page. I have a large facination with anime, and so I have decided to make a page all about anime!

Anime is Japanese animation. Anime is not like American cartoons and comics; it has a more realistic feel to them (or at least most of them do) than something like Street Sharks or Savage Dragon... Anime has very stylized lines, simple art (or so it seems... Wait until you try to draw anime!), and most of all (no, not cute women... Well, that does have something to do with it...) anime has some of the best plots and storylines ever put into animation! So, there are many aspects of anime that would seem superior to American cartoons and comics, and I feel that anime is far more superior than 99% of the American animation!

Well, let's skip all this and go straight to the good stuff! Sa, sa! (Come on!)

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