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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed two Pokemon together, what you would get? Well, this section answers that question in original Pokemon combinations. This section was formed after the idea of the EarthBound Combination Spells. Reminder: All of the combined Pokemon mentioned here are completely FAKE! Please read the rules below the following table before you send in your combination Pokemon. I will also accept fan art of Combined Pokemon, again, look below for more details. If I decide to add either your idea and/or your illustration (whichever is appropriate), I will add your name to the Wall of Fame. But you must read the rules!! (I won't test you or anything; I just don't want you sending in something that doesn't apply.)

Last Significant Update: 7/17/99
Ones added on this update are italizized.

Name Thought of by Description Combined Pokemon
Arctic Dragon Andrew Has Charizard's body, except is wings are Articuno's. Breathes Fire and Ice. Can use Blizzard, Fire Blast, Mist, and Ember. Charizard and Articuno
Blastiard Richie A mix between a Charizard and a Blastoise with the ability to use Fire and Water. It looks like an orange dragon with a blue and gray shell. It has water canons on it's back and can fire millions of gallons of water at a time. It's moves are Hydro Pump, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Bubblebeam, Water Gun, and Hyper Beam. Charizard and Blastoise
Blastosaur Bobby This is a half water, half plant pokemon!  It looks like a Venusaur but with a shell on it's back that has cannons.  It can fire a very powerful blast of water out of it's cannons.  It also has a high jump!  It knows how to use Hydro Pump, Razor Leaf, Bubblebeam, and Solarbeam + Cut! Blastoise and Venusaur
Blastzap Richie Looks like a Zapdos but with a shell with water cannons on it's back. It can use hydro pump, transform, thunderbolt, and bubble beam! Blastoise and Zapdos
Bombchu Crono An exploding pokemon that self-destructs in a blast of energy. Looks similar to the bombchu from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Voltorb and Pikachu
Brushmew Gogiron A Grass psycic pokemon that is covered in grass. It comes out only in the night and catches bugs. Mew and Oddish
Bulbra Mel A half psychic half plant Pokemon. It looks like Abra with a bulb on it's back! It is able to use both psychic and plant attacks such as Psyshock, Leech seed, Super Psy, and Vine Whip. Abra and Bulbasaur
Butterzard Havi It's similiar to Charizard except it's little like Butterfree and has the Butterfree's wings. Charizard and Butterfree
Charbok Andrew Looks like an Arbok but is Red and has wings.  Also has a flame on its tail. Can use Toxic, Acid, Fire Spin, and Fire Blast. Charizard and Arbok
Chartini Random X A purple Charmander with a fin on its head and a blue tail flame. It can use Dragon, Psychic and Fire attacks. Charmander and Dratini
ClefAir Richie It looks like a Clefairy but long and slick like a Dragon. It has the ability to use Sing, Metronome, Hyper Beam, and Dragon Rage. Clefairy and Dragonair
Cratersaur Gogiron A black Bulbasaur. Where the volcano from it's Volcanasaur stage died. Charmeleon and Ivysaur
Dark Mewtwo Gogiron A black Mewtwo that is covered in dark mist. It is known as the pokemon of shadows. Mewtwo and Haunter
Electaburn GJ Electric-fire Pokemon. Basically, it is an Electabuzz with characteristics of a Vulpix, giving it powerful abilities. Electricians often use these to create power and solder wiring. Electabuzz, Vulpix
Flame Centaur Crono & Dekar A half-man, half horse that has the ability to use fire. Rapidash and Hitmonchan
Flaramew Gogiron A mew that is always inside a flame. When this pokemon dies its flame runs out and is swallowed up in a ball of ice. Mew and Charmander
Gogiron Gogiron A fire-psychic pokemon that was geneticly changed. It's moves are Psychic, Body Slam, Flamethrower, and Fire Blast. It has Mewtwo's body, and a Charizard's wings and head. Mewtwo and Charizard
Growlpix Gab Orange and brown with big green eyes; cute Fire Pokemon. It can use Ember, Flamethrower, Roar, Confuse Ray. Growlithe and Vulpix
Infra GJ Evolved form of Invis. Practically invisible until it is hit and can be seen slightly. Infravision will allow someone to see this Pokemon. Gengar, Jynx
Invis GJ Ghost Pokemon that is nearly invisible to the naked eye. Its attacks include its specialty Fearstrike as well as Ice Beam and Toxic. Haunter, Jynx
Jigglymew Bobby A half-Jigglypuff, half Mew it is sorta like a fat mew. It can use Sing, Psychic, Metronome, and Transform. Jigglypuff and Mew
Joltoreon Bobby This a half-electric, half-water pokemon. It has Vaporeon's head, Jolteon's body, and Vaporeon's tail. It can use Quick attack, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, and Thundershock. Vaporeon and Jolteon
Kadabchu Chris An electric pokemon. It has a Pikachu's head, but Kadabra's body. It also has the ability to use psychic moves such as Thunderbolt, Psychic, Thundershock, Pysbeam. Kadabra and Pikachu
Kittychu Gogiron A rondish Meowth with a Eevee-esqe tail. Also known as "the cutest pokemon." Pikachu and Meowth
Macohlala Dekar the Katanbard A very vain, muscular, pokémon who requires a mirror and a lot of attention. Learned to use reflect with its mirror. Its attacks are Scratch, Submission, Reflect, and Fury swipes. Machamp, Persian
Mewkazam Peter It looks like a Alakazam with Mew's tail. It has the ability to do Psychic, Transform, Psybeam, Metronome. Alakazam and Mew
Paralett Sapusaur Has extremely sharp pincers and attacks by surprising it's victims by popping out of the ground. Diglett and Paras
Parastung Dekar the Katabard A pink paras with a long tung. Its moves are Lick, Spore, Leech Life, and Slash. Paras and Lickitung
Para-Troopa Ver. 2 Crono & Dekar Like the Mario Bros. Para-Troopas, except they can spray water. Squirtle and Golbat
Phantom Vulpix Andrew Fire-type and Ghost-type Pokemon; looks like a transparent Vulpix. It can use Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Nightshade, and Fire Blast. Vulpix and Gengar
Polibone Dekar the Katabard A lonely pokemon that can swing his bone in a circle causing hypnosis. Its moves are Hypnosis, Bone Club, Bonemorang, and Tail Whip. Cubone, Poliwag
Psycowhirl (Not given) Has the vines of a Venusaur, and the rest of it is Poliwrath. Its attacks are Vine Whip, Leer, Water Gun, and Razor Leaf. Venusaur and Polywrath
Psyguin Guardian Owl This Psychic/Water Pokemon combines the style and "grace" of Psyduck with the raw power of Alakazam to create this Penguin Pokemon. After Evolution Special and Defense Increase. Psyduck and Alakazam
Rhynix Dekar the katanabard A long rock pokemon with a long powerful horn. It's attacks are rock throw, horn attack, horn drill, and earthquake. Rhydon and Onix
Togapix Bobby An egg type pokemon. It looks like an unhatched vulpix in a Togepie shell. It has the ability to use fire moves and egg moves such as:  Fireblast, Flamethrower, Barage, egg bomb, and Mega punch. Vulpix and Togepie
Venuzard Peter Looks like a Charizard but it has a giant plant like pod thing coming out its back. It has the ability to do, Solar Beam, Fire Spin, Razor Leaf, and Fire Blast. Venusaur and Charizard
Volcanasaur Gogiron A red Bulbasaur with a volcano on its back. It evolves into Cratersaur. Bulbasaur and Charmander
Wheebok Bobby A poison type Pokemon. It looks like Arbok with two heads and a skull on it's stomach. It can float through the air. It has the ability to use any poison move. Wheezing and Arbok

Please read the following before submitting your idea!!
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If you send me at least one Combo Pokemon, and I add at least one of them to my page, then your name will be added to the Hall of Fame or the Universe of Fame (See the UOF link for more details.) However, unlike the EarthBound Combination Spells, I won't let you just mix any Pokemon. These are the rules:

So, basically, I'm looking for more of the physical appearance of the combination Pokemon than the attacks it has. I'm also looking for originality. Note: I reserve the right to edit the descriptions in your entries for any reason I see fit. However, I will NOT try to detract from your original idea, and even if I edit your entry you will still get full credit for your submitted Combo Pokemon.

OK, you've read the rules, now send in your Combo Pokemon! (Instead of using the below form, you can also send it in by emailing me.)

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Please read before submitting Combo Pokemon fan art!
OK, so you have a nice image of one of these combined Pokemon in your head. Well, I'll accept it! That is, as long as it follows under these rules: OK, you're read the rules, right? If you didn't (or even if you did), I won't be reminding you of them.

So, you got an illustration? Well, unfortunately, I don't have any fancy-shamcy CGI upload things or anything like that, so you will have to attach it to me in an email. Or you can send it to me via File Transfer to ICQ number 1879675 or, if you happen to catch me on IRC's Dalnet or Espernet, you can send it to me DCC to CronoDekar (or whatever variation of that nick I am on as). If I decide to add it your fan art to this section, it will be in a link of the appropriate Combo Pokemon and credit will be given to you in a table cell.

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