Lyorna 's Guide to Magic in the Realm

Lyorna's Guide to Magic in the Realm

Hi! My name is Lyorna. Welcome to my Guide to Magic in the Realm. I've been doing major updates to this page. I can now giv you pictures of the spells I know, and soon of my cool outfits! The Realm is an online world created by Sierra. I am an Adventurer by profession but I play as a Wizard. I have left the "Golden Warriors of Justice" guild. It wasn't going anywhere. Some of them are still my friends though. (By the way thanks to Krun, a.k.a. KrunII, Asmosdues for making this pic for me and editing a few graphics.) On this page I will guide you through the different types of Magic in the Realm. I also strongly urge you to download the demo at The Realm Web Page. This page may never be done, but check back soon anyways!
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Magical Spells

Magical Tactics

Magical Artifacts

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