Anyone a good logo designer? I would like a good logo for my page, I will put up all of the logos anyone sends in, in a special section on my page, and ALL the logos authors will get FULL credits. It should say Eighth wonder on it. Send them into So send your logos in, maybe I'll pick yours...

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I'm VERY sorry for the lack of updates people, I've just been SO busy lately it's been hard to get any work done! To make matters even worse my email is really screwed up right now so I can't recive any emails, and it's been this way for a while! So, if you sent me ANY email, and didn't get a response(as I usually respond to email within a day of sending), would you please send it again but this time to A MUCH better email account that I got. Also, as you could tell I desperately need help on the page as it's really falling behind. If ANYONE knows decent html, and is willing to help on the page, email me. It would be nice if you have experience on a FF8 page if possible. Again I'm really sorry, and send those emails to Thank YOU!!!

Welcome to "Eighth Wonder", my tribute to Final Fantasy VIII. If you have ANY info, pictures, or links regarding FF8 that I don't have. Please email them to me at You will get credits for whatever info you give me.
"On May 15 in Japan, Square unveiled to an enthusiastic press the latest installment in what is undeniably the most popular RPG series in the entire world. The game of course, is none other than Final Fantasy VIII. Later in the month, at E3, Square officially announced the games U.S. release at a press conference during the show"


News for July 14

My site has finally been opened today!!!! Where you are reading right now is where I will be posting daily (hopefully) news about FF8 and more. the pictures section is NOT ready yet because I need to finish uploading the pictures. It should be done really soon though. Thanks for coming, lets make this a good one.

News for July 15

IE problems:I heard that my site was having some problems with Internet Explorer, notely with the midis and buttons on the right side. I'm not sure though becuase I use Netscape. If you don't use Netscape you really should becuase in my opinion Netscape is WAAAY better than IE any day. If you have both and do notice the problems and know how to fix them, email me.
Also, I got my own mailing list today, sign up and I'll email you about updates and awesome info.
FFIX:I heard somewhere that Final Fantasy 9 will be a continuation of Final Fantasy 8, does anyone know anything of this or was it just a rumor. Email me any info you might have at I highly doubt it though considering all FF's have been different.
Cloud and Aeris!?:I found a post at Korealink about Cloud and Aeris possibly being in FF8. I thought you might be interested so read it here.

News for July 16

Puzzle Fighter Online:Its not Final Fantasy related at all but I thought you might be interested. You can play Capcoms awesome street fighter puzzle game online for free here. Thanks to Unggoi619 for pointing it out to me. Yes, you can email about non-ff8 related stuff and I'll most likely put it up with credits given to you of


Today in Japan the FF8 demo was released. If you have the demo, email me and tell me what its like, also if you know where I can get one, email me also.
Also today I added a link to the U.S UnOfficial FF8 Page

News for July 17

Demo Review: I saw a review of the FF8 demo at Beyond Obsession. Read the following:
"The E3 movie we have seen was actually clips from this demo chronologically altered." "I doubt this demo would be the opening of the release version, but one thing I am pretty sure is that Leona, who appears in the demo would not show up in the same scenario in release, because she hasn't said one single word throughout the demo." "The group (Squall, Zell, Leona) invaded some island, and there is a man in white coat that seems to be in a superior post guided them on the journey to the antenna building. After several battles with soldiers and some dragon-like monsters, they reached the destination and went up to the antenna by elevator." "After some real cool movies, which take no time to load and follow the gameplay movements flawlessly as was in FF7 PS version, a battle between the group and two soldiers began. Then the group was surprised by a real big dragon who blew the soldiers away, and fought hardly to win. One good thing is that the enemies have their own animations when they die rather than just disappear. It becomes extremely cool when you beat a boss." "After the battle the team was asked to retreat back to the coast and leave the island, given 15 minutes of time. When they came off the building, a giant spider like machine fell from the antenna and surprised them. The group couldn't beat it, so they had to run after several rounds of battle." "The monster came after them, and when it chased the characters it also destroyed everything under its way. After three or four fight-and-flee battles they made it to the coast, and after the most breathstaking CG movie I have ever seen on this planet which mentions their final efforts of escape, the demo comes to an end."

News for July 18

Pic: I didn't any time at all to surf for news today, but you may have noticed the new "slick" 8th wonder pic I made right above the welcome.
Starcraft:My friend has a site, Tender Furys Suicidal Tendencies. If you like Starcraft check out this site, if you don't like Starcraft check out this site =). Awesome design (It inspired me, you may notice). Its even updated daily with TONS of info...can't say that for many sites. He linked to me also. GREAT SITE!!! 6 our of 5 stars. Click here, or click his button "Suicidal Tendencies" on the left.

News for July 19

I'm going to be going away soon on vacation, so for the next few weeks I'm expecting someone to replace me. I'll keep you updated.
New Characters:Saw over at The Future Of Fantasy some info on new characters.Seifer and Rinoa. Check it out here. It also has some good info on Zell.

News for July 20

For the next few weeks, while I'm away, Remi will be taking my place on the site. She will be updating the page for the next few weeks, so you can email her at". I'll see you all in a few weeks!!! Thanks for visiting, and stop by again!

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