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This site created: July 9, 1999
Last updated:7/29/06' NEW ln Prince Lotor's gallery....#2 pencil drawing of Lotor as the fourth blood cousin in Malice Mizer. I see Lotor as a man who has a very good singing voice and he makes a great Elegant Gothic Aristocrat.
Also new on 7/29/06' a color pencil drawing in the Bad Boy's Gallery, The Count from "Gankutsusu" The Count of Monte Cristo.

Welcome to my Shrine. It is a shrine for my Prince - Prince Lotor, Crown Prince of Doom. I am Sugerlite, his faithful harem slave and lover. I am also known as the poet and artist Samara but only because I do so in secret.
I am more than a harem girl of course though my Prince does not know that yet. I am loyal to my handsome Prince and I would do anything for him - even help him accquire his true love Princess Allura of Arus.
I was a conquest of battle, for Doom forces with the black magic of Witch Hagar invaded it. I was a special gift for Prince Lotor - a harem girl.
But I am more than that - I am a lover, a sorceress, a friend and his companion. Although my prince has many women - all special in their own right, I remain faithful to my Prince. I love him with all my heart and soul and this he knows and cherishes.

I invite you to come and explore my gallery and perhaps dwell in other worlds that explore the world of my handsome prince and those he has fought and loved.
So come into my Shrine where the pictures I paint of my Prince hang. Come and read the stories of those who know him best.

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PLEASE NOTE: After almost five years Crosswinds deleted my Gallery. My work was a and is clean as you know but they are now a pay only service. New works will be added to my "Bad Boys Gallery" for now. Look for most of my Warlords art on Swiftgold's Warlords site soon. Thank you Amanda.

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