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Just Who Am I

Hi, I'm Marline, however, I like the pseudonym Lesbian Lover, because I LOVE ALL LESBIANS -- Heck, I love all people, but you know what i mean J. My homepage will try to include as much information, that I can gather, about the Washington, DC. area, and of course, me, Cofe02. I signed up on 07/17/97. It has been a while since I have worked on this page.. so give me a lil time to bring it up to par.

Since it's my page...some things about myself first: I Love all Lesbians. Gosh, I love that word. This page is going to cover things that I like to do in my spare time. Which include, but are not limited to; cooking, dancing, playing Scrabble, ahhh and nothing like a good game of online Spades, I enjoy reading,visiting homepages ,and gathering as much information as possible on Same-sex marriages. Oh, I love this internet thingy, so while "surfing around" I have found and grown attached to these African American links, and hope they are useful to you.
Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! JuicyJaade of AOL started this project... the Ebony Lesbian Christmas Friendship Tree . Well, that Tree has been incorporated on this page...wanna see it ::smile::..then click the link.


Come Chat With me, and other local woman.

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